Best Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews

Best Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews 2021

If you are aiming for a workout target just like a treadmill, an adjustable weight bench is a necessity. Now you can achieve your fitness goals at home just by lifting weights. No matter what workout you have to do or whether you have time or not, a weight bench will always be the most convenient and easy option for fitness lovers.

We will do detailed weight bench reviews to help you select the best weight bench and best adjustable weight bench set for home, specially for home users.

How To Choose an Adjustable Weight Bench?

Imagine your weight bench rocking and swaying while you lift your weights. Would you like this to happen? Definitely not! Hence stability is the most important checkpoint for this equipment.

Specially if you workout with heavy weights, chances of instability of the bench increases. And for people with a broad body figure it becomes a serious problem. You can also select the best weight bench with squat rack.

So, selecting a weight bench do look for one with a wide and strong base which can not only support your body but also the weights while exercising. In comparison to the flat bench, the humble bench is more adjustable and it's parts can move and incline according to the requirements.

Generally fitness trainers would prefer their weight bench to not only hold their weight but also extra weight without collapsing down. Therefore It is specified that these benches come with a maximum allowed load limit, which should be taken into consideration while selecting a weight bench. This will also allow you to select the best weight bench for home use.

While body building not only your weight increases but the weights which you'll carry will also increases with time. Hence it is very important to make sure that your selected bench can carry on with your weight and some extra aswell with time. Usually commercial adjustable weight benches have an ample of capacity, which is from XX to XX lbs.

In comparison to the non-adjustable weight bench, some of the features of adjustable weight benches makes them more attractive for customers.

Some of these amazing features includes:

  • Now you can change the inclination of your bench according to your suitability.

  • This provides support to your arms while working with dumbbells and heavy weights. Not only this, it also decreases arm injuries and allows you to increase weight while working with them. So just incline your bench and use dumbbells to do your arm curls without the threat of getting injured.

  • Specially made for fitness lovers who are either taller or shorter than average height. It allows you to pick up the weights and work with them without destroying your posture and helps your feet to reach the floor hence increasing stability of the equipment.

  • Having a foldable piece of equipment that can store away easily is the best bet you can have. The smaller size of a foldable weight bench will not only allow you to store away easily, but also conserve space in an exercise room.

To find the best adjustable weight bench, we will review weight benches from some of the best manufacturers. These weights benches are consistently ranked on the top of the Amazon bestsellers and have the best features. They are also used commercially and thus are very reliable in the exercise quality and the machine durability they provide.

Cap Utility Adjustable Weight Bench

The cap barbell deluxe is one of the best and highly efficient weight bench. The is a relatively better priced weight bench, that offers some very nice options like anchor posts that can be of good use if you are a fan of using resistance bands or tubes. This sturdy bench gives you good options like different backrest and seat positions. However, it offers no sort of decline.

The weight bench has several options like adjusting the angle of of the backrest so you can easily adjust to correct positions for your exercises. Another thing that this weight bench provides is the ability to support the bench at various angles. This helps you avoid slipping during your exercises. The culmination of all these features makes this weight bench one of the best sellers in its category with lots of positive reviews and support from its current buyers.

The weight bench has a weight capacity that is suitable for most people that can lift weights and is relatively safe and stable. The weight bench doesn't rock and sits flat with its rubber padded feet. This helps in giving the weight bench some nice stability.

Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Weight Bench

From treadmills and elliptical to weight benches Bowflex is the best choice. Having a huge amount of products for every goal, Bowflex is the best choice for your home gym.

Some of the main features that Bowflex 5.1 includes, are as follows:

  • Can be adjusted to six different position settings.

  • Can be inclined to 90°.

  • Can be declined to 17°.

  • Optional Foamed legs which helps to support body in decline position.

  • 30 years warranty for the frame of the equipment.

  • 1 year warranty for foaming and padding of the seat.

  • Wide base

  • First customer preference with excellent reviews

  • Extra leg for support purpose.

  • Unfoldable and occupies more space. Is not easy to store.

  • Reaches low decline angles.

  • Product weight- 63 lbs

  • Product dimensions- 54×19×9 inches

  • Product capacity- 480 lbs

Scoring 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon, Bowflex 5.1 has excellent strength and stability. Even fitness lovers with higher body weights have rated this equipment with remarkable reviews.

Leg bar is often uncomfortable for fitness lovers with above average heights. Seat position needs to be adjusted according to the user's height so that his/her back rests properly on the padding.

The price and reviews, of this equipment, are both inversely proportional. Price is low when compared to it's reviews and features. With such good reviews and 30 years warranty on frame this equipment surely tells us that it is the most durable fitness investment that one could do. So you can use Bowflex 5.0 for years and years without worrying for the equipment to collapse with time.

Body-Solid Powerline Folding Bench

Having the features of all the expensive weight benches, Body-Solid bench by powerline is a much low cost option with excellent performance. Having three different positions, flat, incline and decline, Body-solid is the best adjustable weight bench in the market.

  • Has seven adjustable positions.

  • Is stable in every position and supports every exercise such as bench press, shoulder press, leg raises, crunches, and curls.

  • Can be moved from place to place through it's wheeled legs.

  • Takes less space for storage, can be folded and turns completely flat.

  • No special skill required to operate.

  • Seven adjustable positions.

  • Lifetime warranty for all the components.

  • Big footprints when compared to other models.

  • Sit-ups are difficult because there is no arm support given.

  • Only the back of the seat can be adjusted.

  • Product weight: 60 lbs

  • Product dimensions: 57×22×10 inches

  • Product capacity: 500 lbs.

Having a lifetime warranty, the manufacturer certainly makes it a unique piece in a wide variety of weight benches. Not only this, it also gives us an assurity that the product will last for unlimited years and company takes all the responsibility if any problem occurs in any part of the machine.

With plenty of adjustment options and a foldable frame Body-solid powerline weight bench is the best option not only for suitability but also in its price rates.

Ironmaster Super Bench

Ironmaster is designed specially for bodybuilders and people with above average body weight. With a capacity of 1000lbs Ironmaster can take up anyone's weight.

Due to it's price, durability and adjustability mostly it is preferred for commercial usage rather than home usage.

  • Other attachments can be fixed

  • Can be adjusted to eleven positions

  • Other machines such as racks and Smith and home gym can be used with it.

  • 10 years company warranty with money back guarantee.

  • When compared to other benches it has a smaller footprint

  • Strong frame with fully cushioned seats

  • Allows the user to carry his/her workout in many different positions.

  • Comparatively high in price

  • No fixed leg bars. It's attachment is given and can be added when it is needed.

  • Product weight: 65lbs

  • Product dimensions: 44×18.8×21 inches

  • Product capacity: 1000 lbs

Relatively the equipment’s quality is excellent and comparable with any high quality commercial gym weight bench. The only difference is that this can also be used as a home gym equipment.

But moving around and changing places will be difficult for this equipment as it has no wheels and is a little bit heavier than other weight benches.

Although it is an expensive option, but this piece of equipment is certainly a great choice for those users who wants to overload their weight bench. With high quality you also get an assurity that this equipment won't collapse with your weight. So Ironmaster super bench is a very feasible choice if you are a little bit heavy weight and need a rough and tough weight bench.

Universal 5 Position Adjustable Bench

If you want a weight bench that doesn't lose on quality but has a reasonable price point then this might be a suitable weight bench for you. With five adjustable positions with a choice of using a decline, this may be the bench if you want exercises that use a weight bench with a decline. This lightweight bench also has rollers that provide some very nice stability while you workout on the bench.

One thing that makes this weight bench standout is the low price point it offers. Overall, this is a nice weight bench with some nice features and plenty of support.

Power Block Sport Bench

Power Sport Bench

The PowerBlock Sport bench with its well designed and appropriate structure gives you an option to add additional weights so that you can target specific muscles and get a proper body shape. The machine features various angles of the backrest that give you a good number of choices to do your exercises. The machine also has 500lbs of weight capacity that makes it a very nice and easy weight bench to use for most workouts. One problem that makes this weight bench very difficult to use is that it doesn't have rubber padded feet, which might suitable if you are using it on a rough surface like a carpet, but is not the best choice when you use it on a smooth surface.

XMark 11-Gauge XM-7472

XMark XM-7472

This is the kind of equipment which you will see in any high end gym. It's extraordinary capacity of 1500 lbs makes XMark 11-gauge XM-7472 the king of weight bench market.

The term 11-gauge specifies the strength of its steel framework. To give it a smooth finishing, the whole steel frame is powder coated which enhances it's heavy duty and luxurious appearance. XM-7472 is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted to many different positions which also includes the flat military press position.

  • Wheeled legs to make moving around easy.

  • 3 inches thick foaming around the frame.

  • Water resistant covers for seat.

  • Holders are given to support legs.

  • Many attachments can be added.

  • Can be adjusted to seven different positions.

  • Extraordinary weight capacity of 1500 lbs.

  • No attachments can be fixed with legs.

  • Equipment is much higher than other benches.

  • Product weight: 81.4 lbs

  • Product dimensions: 62.2×25.8×20.3 inches

  • Product capacity: 1500 lbs

It assembles in 30-45 minutes and according to the customers the equipment remains stable even during the exercise.

Considering efficient performance, durability, strength, and easy use some factors such as a handle for easy movement is not taken into consideration by users.

If you plan to use it on regular base then XMark is certainly the best choice for you. It's strong steel framework and and foamed seats not only makes it a comfortable equipment but also durable for heavy duty usage purposes.

Some users might worry that it is a quite heavy equipment and this might become a difficulty if you want to move it from one place to another. But the transport wheels provided with the legs makes its transportation much more easier.


Weight benches are a necessity for your home gym. No matter what workouts you have to do, this equipment is a must have piece for your home gym as it plays an important role in many different exercises.

To make sure that you have the best adjustable weight bench according to your preferences don't forget to follow some simple selection rules, which are specified above in this article.

According to our analysis and judgment The Bowflex Adjustable Weight Bench 5.1 model is the best choice in the lot of adjustable weight benches. This model is perfect for any type of user and for any type of use. Thus, the weight bench is the best recommended choice in the best weight bench category. If you are on the look out for a cheaper alternative then the Universal 5 Position Adjustable Weight Bench may be the best choice for you.