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The Best Mini Trampolines – Reviews 2021

When it comes to getting in shape, there is a lot involved and it is not an easy task as many people will attest. Unless you are a fitness fanatic who hits the gym often, you will have difficulty and may not even enjoy the process. However, one can opt to use mini trampolines and get in shape while having lots of fun and getting into shape.

With their small size, mini trampolines are the best home workout equipment to work out your back, gluten, abs, leg muscles and your cardio. But for outdoor activities don't forget to apply a sunscreen before you start your workouts. Since some of the mini trampolines come in a collapsible form, you can easily collapse them and stash them away to save on space. Others come combined with a few other features which will allow you do a lot of workouts with ease.

Trampoline Vs Rebounder

You will come across some mini trampolines called rebounders. While they share a lot of features, rebounders are more focused on exercise than fun bouncing. The rebounders also tend to be a bit tighter than trampolines making them more suited for exercises. You can choose between them as you please. However, we prefer trampolines.

Considerations When Buying a Mini Trampoline

Quality of Springs

If you intend to have the mini trampoline for a long period, the quality of the springs should be great. Anything less than the best quality will only see you use it for a short while. Take note that the best springs could come at a premium but they are worth it.


Do not think every mini trampoline is collapse-able. Unless you have a room dedicated for housing the mini trampoline, you will need to go for the collapsible type, so that, when done with exercising, you can stash it away easily. Given that trampolines come in various forms, you will have to make sure that the one you are buying is a collapsible type. Given that most mini trampolines have a diameter of 36 inches, you will need at least 40 inches of space in the room for you to have fun and exercise as well. When storing the mini trampoline, you will need to have a minimum of 36 inches of space for it. You can either store the mini trampoline on its side or flat on the ground. Keep in mind that having the right amount of space will help keep your mini trampoline in good condition. You do not want your mini trampoline to get damaged.

Ease of Assembly

Even when you find a collapsible mini trampoline, you may realize that it is not easy to assemble. You must pick a mini trampoline that is easier to assemble . The easiest way to determine the ease of assembly should be by checking on their website. The reviews will also tell you how ease or hard it is to assemble and collapse the mini trampoline. Go for the ones that require a single person to assemble and collapse since you may need to workout when no one is around to help.

Legs with Rubber Tips

When going for your mini trampoline, ensure you check the legs if they have rubber tips. Rubber tips will go a long way in saving your floor from ugly markings when you are exercising. Better yet, the rubber tips will hold the mini trampoline in place so that you do not easily fall off when working out. They do not come at any extra cost but are definitely worth it.


When it comes to mini trampolines, cost is an important issue. If they are cheap, they will probably last for a short while. With most warranties for cheap mini trampolines range around two years, you will probably want to get a new one after two years after all. Pay more if you want it to last more than two years.

Best Mini Trampolines 2018

We have compiled a list of five of the best mini trampolines on the market at the moment. As per your needs, you can pick the one that suits you best.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

If you want an all-in-one workout kit, the JumpSport is your number one choice. It has a diameter of 39 inches and is bigger than the average trampoline. The legs are arched and it has a DVD that aids in the workout.

Technical Specifications

Height of 12 inches

Diameter of 39 inches

Weight of 26 pounds

Weight limit of 250 pounds.

This mini trampoline makes use of the Flexbounce III technology to allow the used to make adjustments to the tension thus making the bounce more personalized during workout sessions. The advantage it has over similar items is the arched legs which provide an extra layer of support to keep the mini trampoline in place when working out.


The JumpSport fitness trampoline deliver be on its promises according to our assessment. One of the most important aspects about this trampoline is the way it is safe to use and offers a cardio workout that customers who own it have heaped praise upon. While some customers have experts send concern with the small area for jumping, it should be known that this is because the trampoline is meant that way to be effective in working out.


  • The arched legs offer safety when working out.
  • Bundled with a free DVD for working out.
  • Beautiful black finish.
  • The right size of diameter.


  • More costlier compared its peers.
  • Little jumping space for some.

What we think

The overall thoughts on this trampoline are that it is worth its price. The little issue of having little jump in space is not enough for us to worry about it since with time one gets to learn to work with the available space. The free workout DVD is a welcome addition that many will find useful and handy. The extra layer of safety afforded by the arched legs also adds to the benefits of the trampoline.

Maximus Pro Rebounder

One of the most popular mini trampolines on offer at Amazon is this one. Although is has legs that will fold and allow for ease of storage, it comes  fully assembled thus relieving the user of the task of assembling it themselves. It has a free workout DVD that offers guidelines on workout through 4 levels of rebounding techniques. With this trampoline, you have a solid exercise tool that will be useful during your workout sessions.

Technical Specifications

Height of 36 inches

Weight of 102 centimeters

Weight limit of 130 kilograms


This is one of the most popular mini trampolines around as it has found use in many areas such as leisure and health centers all around the world. The mini trampoline is known and lauded for its exercise method which has a low impact and and thus helps people with many different medical conditions overcome their situations.


  • High quality mini trampoline.
  • A good reputation.
  • Easy to fold and store away.


  • More expensive than its peers.

What we think

The reputation and popularity of this mini trampoline precedes it. Even if it has a slightly higher price point, it is worth every penny that goes into it. You get what you pay for and a little more. You have to be careful when starting to use this one. However, the fact that it has a DVD included to help you run through the paces ensures you are safe and making the most of it. You can use this to get the cardio workout you desire without setting a foot in the gym.

Merax Mini Foldable Trampoline

Merax Mini Trampoline

If you are running low on your budge yet need a mini trampoline that is of s good quality, the Merax Mini is the one to go for. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is cheap since it has the best quality in terms of the materials and safety that went Inti creating it. It has legs that can be easily detached from the body for ease of storage. The cover is also padded thickly for comfort when working out.

Technical Specifications

Height of 9 inches

Diameter of 36 inches

Weight of 11 pounds

Weight limit of 220 pounds.


This mini trampoline will do its job without the fancy extras that others may have. Its low cost has made it very popular among those who use it. It is best for those are just starting to work out using trampolines. However, when you need a more challenging trampoline, go for a better and bigger trampoline.


  • Low price point.
  • Easy to store when not in use.


  • A few cases of difficulty in assembly.

What we think

Our thoughts on the MeraxMini can only compliment the ones given by the customers who have been using this trampoline. It is easy to store owing to its removable legs and is the best at its price point.

Gymenist Portable Mini Trampoline

This trampoline is great for use either indoors or outdoors and will be easily used by anyone as long as they are more than 3 years old. Children too will have a blast using this trampoline. It has all the necessary safety precautions to give your children a lot of exercises by improving their motor skills and keeping them active.

Technical Specifications

Height of 9 inches.

Diameter of 36 inches.

Weight of 14 pounds.

Weight limit of 150 pounds.


The tubular steel frame coupled with the string and durable mat will ensure the trampoline is used for a long time time without breaking apart. It is also very easy to assemble and bring apart to keep it and use when the need arises. The children are safe using it.


  • The diameter of 36 inches makes the best for children.
  • Easy to fold and store away.
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors.


  • Not great for bigger kids.

This trampoline is among the best even when it comes at a discounted price point. It comes with all the safety measures put in place for ease of use. The safety aside, the trampoline will withstand long hours and many years of use by the kids. If you need a trampoline for the kids, there is no further point to look than this one.

The Best Mini Trampoline - Editor's Choice

What's the best mini trampoline to buy?

Stamina 36 inches Folding Trampoline

This mini trampoline is also found on Amazon and is among the cheap options that will set you back a few dollars but provide an experience like no other. It has rebound surface that is heavy duty and has a strong tension of the bouncing surface for the best experience when working out. This one is among the best mini trampolines on the market.

Technical Specifications

Height of 8.8 inches.

Diameter of 36.5 inches.

Weight of 12.8 pounds.

Weight limit of 250 pounds.


It cannot go without mentioning that the Stamina Trampoline is a very lowly priced one and will deliver what it promises. It easy to store away and has a rebound surface that will impress the users. The customers who own and use it are very impressed with this mini trampoline. The only downside mentioned is that it may take a while and two hands to assemble it although in isolated cases alone. Adding the silver cover may give a few people a problem since to is not an easy task to pull off.


  • Low price point.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • The band resistance is commendable.


  • Not the easiest to assemble.
  • May lack seem bounce in some areas.

What we think

The low price point is a point we found to be very important when it comes to this mini trampoline. However, the low price combined with the high quality of the materials will ensure you enjoy a good workout that has been the testimony of many current users who highly recommend it. The fact that it is foldable means you will not need an extra room for this mini trampoline.

The decision may be entirely up to you to make, but our pick is the Stamina 36-inch foldable mini trampoline which comes out on top of its peers. Second in line is the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 which has many impressive features. The others trampolines are also impressive which is why they made it to our list, but these two are our best picks.