Best Vertical Climber Machine

Best Vertical Climber Machine Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

In this new era where people want to achieve more in less time. These days people want things to be easily available for them hence home based fitness machines is getting extremely popular in the market. Apart from some common machines which are available in the market, a new variety has now launched. The vertical climbing machine is definitely a new machine which has never been marketed before, and the best part of this machine is that it can be placed in your home to help you create your own home gym. Here we review some of  the best vertical climbing machines out there.

Working out at home might seem easy but in reality it is not. You might need to consider some things about the machine which can make your working out experience an easy one. In this article we will discuss some of the best selling brands for vertical climbers. This will not only provide you all the necessary information about the machines but also help you to find the perfect machine according to your requirements.

Why use a Vertical Climbing Machine?


Unfortunately, vertical climbers are one of most difficult machines to work with, despite it's reputation fitness experts are still recommending the users to use the machine on regular basis. Giving highly effective results in less time makes it more valuable for the users and shutting doors for all other machines.

Now let's see what's so special in vertical climbers which make them preferred by all fitness experts:

1) unlike other machines this machine works on the whole body rather than on any specific body part.

2) it has pedals and hand rails which will ensure that the whole body moves during the workout and provide maximum support to the body as well.

The most advantageous part of vertical climbing machines are that it helps you burn your calories three times more than a normal workout. This calorie burning rate is approximately equal to climbing rocks. Because of such effective results vertical climbers are considered one of the best cardio machines.

Depending on how much the user's weight and stamina is, the amount of calories one can burn varies while working out with a climbing machine. On average a thirty minute workout can burn about 300 kcal of energy. But there are some exceptions in which trainers have achieved to burn about 600 KCal of energy in just half an hour.

Usefulness of a Vertical Climber Machine

Working on climbing machines is just like doing squats through one leg. As it includes lots of leg movement, it gives our body the same exertion as if we are climbing a wall. As we all know these days office work has increased in a huge amount and hence due to less activity our muscles of some specific places like:

  • Legs

  • Arms

  • Glutes

  • Core

have decreased as well. Specially it works best on glutes and other leg muscles. Therefore climbing machines are the best option for all the busy office workers out there.

As mentioned above, apart from glutes and leg muscles, vertical climbers also work on arm muscles. Through the workout your arms will be in constant motion while pulling your own body weight and forcing you upwards. Moreover your core muscles are also in constant stress while pulling the body weight. This also helps you to develop 6 pack abs apart from just strengthening the muscles.

You can change your grip styles while working out. There are two types of grips and each has it's own advantages:

  • Over hand grip: this ensures that your shoulders are in constant stress hence allowing them to strengthen.

  • Under hand grip: this grip mainly concentrates on biceps and back muscles.

Using a Climber Machine for a HIT Workout - Vertical Climber  Workouts

High interval intensity training ( H.I.I.T. ) is a more effective way of exercise not only in terms of burning calories but also in terms of time saving and getting fast results. Although it is a difficult task but if you decide to choose H.I.I.T., it will definitely cut your time to half with better results. It is estimated that the calories that one burns during this training is equal to the calories burned in one hour through a normal cardio exercise program. Not only it beats steady cardio exercise sessions, but it also beats aerobic sessions by cutting the time and increasing the benefits to 3 times the normal aerobic sessions. This means that the results from 6 weeks aerobic sessions are equal to 2 weeks of H.I.I.T.. So, by looking at the normal calorie burning requirements one has to spare only three weeks for high intensity trainings to achieve the best and fastest results.

For beginners, high intensity workout can be can be scheduled in two ways. In the beginning it is recommended for the user to have only 10 minutes of high intensity workout. These ten minutes can be divided into two sections. One section will be the high intensity workout time and the other section will be the resting or recovery time. One of the two types of schedule contains 30 seconds of workout and 30 seconds of rest, and this can be done 10 times consecutively to complete 10 minutes of training. The other type of schedule contains 20 seconds of workout and 40 seconds of rest, and again this can be done 10 times consecutively to complete 10 minutes of the training.

But the above schedules can be varied and set up according to your requirements, current weight and fitness level. You can vary the time for workout and rest according to what you think, or what your fitness trainer thinks, will be the best for you.

For warm-up, some simple bodyweight exercises can be carried out. Some of the recommended warm up exercises are listed below:

  1. push ups

  2. sit-ups

  3. jumping jacks

  4. arm circles ( repeating 15-20 times)

  5. Otherwise one can also workout with a vertical climber only at a moderate speed for five minutes.

It is recommended that after High Intensity session one has to cool down for five minutes. This session may include some low speed climbing through the climbers and some stretching.

MaxiClimber Vertical Climbing Machine

One of the best selling climber machines on Amazon is a commercial grade quality machine that is not only reasonably priced, but it is also one of the best when it comes to delivering quality.

With not a lot of bells and whistles included, the machine focuses on the essentials. It comes with ergonomic grips to make it easier for you to exercise.

However, the display for the machine is not the most expensive one. It gives a basic display of the calories and the number of steps taken. The machine is made from good quality steel, and can be suitable for most climbing needs. Its storage is also easy as the machine easily folds up nicely and can be stored in any place.

In fact, the machine is a very good value for the money. With hundreds of excellent consumer ratings and awesome customer reviews, the machine has a stellar rating of 4+ stars on Amazon. This means that the machine is in step with many of its users demands.

Merax Vertical Climber Machine

The Merax Vertical climbing machine is a very good machine with all the qualities that you might want from a climbing machine. It is a sturdy machine that gives you a complete body workout.

The machine is specifically designed for  HIT workouts. The company claims that it can burn more calories than a treadmill if you use it properly and can exercise biceps and triceps as well.

Built with a durable steel frame, that supports adjustable height and an easily foldable body, it is one of the high quality machines available on the market form the Merax brand.

The green isometric grips on the machine make it really easy to use the machine and also gives a very nice look to the machine.

The machine supports a weight of upto 330lbs and is suitable for most home and commercial fitness settings. 

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Machine

Just like the MaxiClimber, the Conquer vertical climber machine is a really good quality machine has a name for it in the industry.

While this machine seems to be a budget climber machine at first, it has some exclusive features that you would not expect in a budget machine. A unique shiny finish and a frame made from steel make it stand apart.

In terms of stability, the machine goes a long way as it has non-slip pass at ends of it legs and also includes comfortable handles which makes the climbing experience a pleasant one. Thus, you can enjoy your high intensity workouts with ease at home without putting excess strain on your joints. The Conquer Vertical Machine is a storage friendly machine and can be stored easily under a bed.

As far as the price point is concerned, the machine is extremely affordable. With hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, this climber machine grosses a rating of 4+. Making it a really good choice for budget machine buyers.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Vertical Climber Machine

Quality for the money

One of the most important factors when considering the best vertical climber machine is to buy a machine that is a good value for your money. In fact, most of the machines available on the market are a good value for money. Most of them are a good value for the money.

The machines out there on the market have displays the monitor a wide set of features including heart rate monitoring, distance traveled and the total time of the exercise. However, expensive climbers in the market have a lot of programs that you can choose from. These workout programs guide you through your exercise regime and also include help for variable step height.

If you don’t want the extensive workout programs, then you can easily buy a good vertical climber for a good price that will not be very heavy on your pocket.

Kinds of Workouts Available

Expensive machines in the vertical climber category can basically support a lot of variety of exercises. They generally tend to have a lot of workout options that you can use to diversify your sessions. This can be done by either changing length of your steps on the climber or varying the intensity of your workouts.

It may also be important to understand that if you have the budget for a good vertical climber, then the VersaClimber may be a good choice for you. This is because it provides some really good options.

How sturdy is the machine?

Durability of the machine is a major factor to consider if you are buying the machine for long term usage. In fact it may be one of the most important factors. A good climber machine that may be suitable for this is one that has a good steel frame or is covered with an aluminum coating.

One other factor that you may want to consider is the weight that the machine can support. Most climbers in the lower price range support up to 200-250 pounds. In fact, if this is not the appropriate range of your weight, you may have to spend some extra to a buy a Climber that can hold up to 300-350.

Easy Storage

While most of the machines we have reviewed here have the ability to be folded and be stored easily in a small place. Many of the manufacturers of the climbing machines have integrated this feature in their machines. However, you should ideally ensure that these products are easy to store and doesn’t take too much space.

You should never settle for a climber that makes you spend too much on assembling. Many of the climbing exercise machines can basically be assembled with only a few steps to follow. However, most machines need at least a few minutes to be assembled.

Good Warranty

One of the most important thing that you need to understand is the fact that the warranty is a really important factor when it comes to choosing a climber machine. In fact, most machines come with a good quality warranty. Most have a 1 year warranty on parts and labor. However any machines that offer shorter warranties may not be the best choice to buy.

Customer Satisfaction

You should never discredit opinions of many of the former customers. Many of the reviews on the sites come from real customers and give you a good indication if the machine is a good choice for you. Machines with good reviews and 4+ star reviews on average are a good choice. All the reviews we have provided here are of machines that were the best according to customers.

Vertical Climbing Machine Benefits & Climbing Machine Benefits

  • The climbing machines available on the market today are really easy to assemble and usually come pre-assembled.

  • One of the many advantages of doing exercise on a climbing machine is that you change the difficulty of your experience with just moving the handles up or down.

  • Climbing machines take up little space and can be easily folded to be easily stored.

  • Many of the vertical climbers make little to no noise so that means that exercising on a climbing machine can be a really pleasant experience.

  • In contrast to other machines, a climbing machine gives you a complete body workout.

  • Another good thing that you might want to consider is the fact that using a climbing machine only 20 mins a day can yield some really good results in terms of fitness.

  • Many of the manufacturers offer a one year warranty for most climber machines

  • Considering the advantages of using a high quality vertical climber machine, it is so much more cheaper than a gym's membership.

Some disadvantages of using a Vertical Climber Machine

  • The most prohibitive thing about climber machines, is the fact that top range models are really very expensive.

  • Many of the lower priced models don't have the kind of displays that are suitable for unit tracking your progress.

  • Many of the users believe that training that a climber machine provides needs to be supplemented with weight training. However, others are of the view that using a climber machine is sufficient.

  • While carpeted floors can pose a problem when using these machines, you can work around that by working out outdoors.


Due to the daily schedules for work, it is really difficult for people nowadays to take out time for exercise. This makes the use of an climber machine really useful. It not only helps them work and exercise in their schedules, but also helps them be active throughout the whole day.

Thus, fitness equipment that can be used inside the home such as the vertical climber make it really easy for people to train without the use of any other machines or going to the gym. In just a few minutes a day and within a few weeks of regular training you can brush up your skills and make your body fit. Buying a vertical climber machine is really something that is worth the money.