Braun Series 9 9290cc Review

Braun Series 9 9290cc Review – 2021

To learn whether this shaving machine is a fantastic fit for our readers, We have related our findings about the review after thoroughly studying the Braun Series 9 9290cc within the duration of a single month, exactly a year after its debut.

Braun unexpectedly revived the whole Series 9 lineup. What's more?, This specific version is currently gearing up to be one amongst many best-selling Series 9 shavers on account of the discount in comparison with other similar series 9 variations.

Braun established the Series 9 lineup in 2015 to replace the favorite, aging Series 7 lineup of electric razors. As part of the new creation, the Braun Series 9 9290cc will come with a new silver-color treatment and an automatic Clean & Charge channel.

That being said, there is too much to enjoy about the 9290cc, however there are a number of cons too. But with its heavy price tag, you are probably thinking about figuring out whether or not it's worth your cash. Let’s dive in.


They make use of Braun's notorious hexagon shaped holes which are allegedly superior for shaving hairs when compared to regular rounded perforations. One thing that caught my attention was Braun's effort in presenting the Series 9 shaver with 5 cutting elements. In Braun's opinion, the fifth may be that of the so-called skin guard, a piece of metal located directly next to the Direct & Cut trimmer which allegedly smoothens the skin. But let's be honest, this really isn't a cutter and ought not to count as one, just for the record.

The Panasonic Arc 5 is an example of a shaver with 5 full sized cutters. You can identify it with its distinctive golden color on the upgraded Series 9 models just such as the 9290cc in our inspection.

The unique shade of this trimmer could be caused by a Titanium Nitride coating, which is a useful ceramic material because of its anti-corrosive and border retention properties.

The Series 9 9290cc comes with quite a great deal of features and technologies, so I will briefly discuss the very important ones. The shaving head of the Series 9 is made of 4 personal cutting elements.

With the Series 9, Braun ditched the customizations feature of the Series 7 that enabled the consumer to alter the power output signal of the shaver depending on the area that they were shaving. People were not even actively involved, and Braun probably thought the same.

As an alternative, they implemented the so called syncro sonic technology that reads the density of the beard and adjusts the energy accordingly. Such a technology can be found on high-end Panasonic shavers.

As stated by Braun, the 4 cutters have been installed on a 10 directional pivoting head which are individually perfect. The Series 9 is included among the most useful shavers implemented.

For more accuracy, the equipment may be locked to a predetermined position with a button in front of the shaver. I don't have any clue how they developed the 10 pivoting heads; however my conclusion after using the 9290cc is that it really works!

As stated earlier, all the modernized Series 9 models are at present appropriate for dry & wet use, and can be fully submerged in warm water up to five minutes.

As a side note, all the upgraded Series 9 shavers may be recognized by the model name, 92xxcc or 92xxs, which usually means that you can use the 9290cc from the shower or with your favorite shaving lotion in case you would like it.

The old shavers used the 90xxcc or 90xxs naming template. The cc models incorporate the automatic cleaning channel, whereas the s models do not.

What's more? It also dries and moisturizes the shaving equipment. The equipment also includes a 5” light emitting diode display, traveling lock, 5-minute quick control and a very long hair trimmer.

Since you most likely know that the Series 9 9290cc within this review includes the Clean & Charge channel that really does exactly what the name implies. It comes with a clear & charge channel, a charging cable, and a slick travel case, cleansing cartridge, a cleaning brush, a user manual and a shaver.

With the 9290cc, I got 10 shaves from the full charge, and that's quite good in our own opinion. The battery charges in approximately 60 seconds. Nevertheless, the battery life is exceptional, and there is a 5-minute quick charge option too. That is quite beneficial in our own opinion and enriches the overall customer experience.

The 9290cc is automatically charged when set from the channel. However, you may plug the cable right into the shaver. There are just 5 degrees, every 1 amounting to a 20 percent fee. The existing dry variants of this Series 9 such as the 9090cc might also be used when charging with an added cord.

After charging the corresponding bar, suggesting the battery symbol will flash. Mine was bought in Europe and a level cord was included. A few of the Series 9 models may nevertheless be delivered together with the existing (now discontinued) coiled cables.

I can frankly state that the 9290cc gave me exactly a very agreeable, comfortable and enjoyable shave of almost any electric razors I have used thus far. I figured among the explanations for its excellent close shave is how comfortable the 9290cc seems. I'm usually very attentive when shaving, and consistently ensure never to press too much or move over sensitive areas. I used exactly the 9290cc only for one month every day, and subsequently every 2 days. Merely to put matters into context, I've got a sensitive skin, and also rough facial-hair. The machine can also be satisfactorily active rather than feeling inactive when holding.

As the Series 9 is extremely close in this aspect, the Series 9 feels smoother, simpler, faster and more agreeable to use.

Besides, it may be the most current Arc-5 ES-LV9N that the Series 9 will have. It works perfectly and lets you keep consistent contact with the skin, even in the event that you have very outstanding facial attributes.

Although I have a challenging area on my throat where hairs grow into various directions and parallel to my skin, the Series 9 was able to execute better than the electric shaver I have used.

If I could clarify the shaving experience in 1 word, it would be simplicity! With the 9290cc, nevertheless I really could easily get away with doing such exact specific things which could ordinarily make me have a razor burn or even a rash.

When this cycle continues, it becomes a form of aggravation. However, there was not such experience with the Series 9 9290cc, and that I could honestly find a close shave without any aggravation.

It really has a blend of numerous aspects. Let us start with its Pros. For me personally, it's very tricky to get a close shave directly above my top lip, where the hairs are very thick and compact and I frequently need to press harder and use longer strokes merely to do this.

I shaved dry for the vast majority of time; however, I also tried using shaving lotion as this version is designed for wet shaving too. Again, certainly as compared with one of those shaves I got from some other electric shaver, I'd say that the Panasonic Arc-5 stays the closest in the range of shaving. In my case, the difference was so small that it would be difficult to express with certainty that it was improved.

Let us get to the most significant part our Braun Series 9 9290cc inspection and determine how well the shaver performed.

When shaving directly beneath the jaw line or onto the chin, I felt the gap in contrast to the majority of other razors, due to the fact that it grabbed tenacious hairs at that time that it required me to finish the shave. This can also be unusually short together using the Series 9 9290cc. The Series 9 having both centre trimmers only works a lot more effectively than every additional foil shaver and a lot better than many rotary shavers.

I have never undergone any pulling or yanking of my hair in my 2 to 3 times shaving sessions.

Also, the battery life is exceptional and there exists a 5 second quick charge option also. A few Series 9 may nevertheless be delivered with the existing (now discontinued) coiled cord. That is quite beneficial in my own opinion as it enriches the overall consumer experience. The 9290cc is automatically charged when set in the channel, however, you're able to plug in the cable into the shaver.

The existing dry variants of this Series 9 such as the 9090cc might likewise be used when charging with an added cord, an exceptional feature only available on certain Series 9 models.

With the 9290cc I was able to get 10 shaves done that's great in my own opinion.

All of them make use of the exact identical cleaning capsules; nevertheless, the channels delivered together using the Series 9.

NOTE: Don't put on it in the event that your shaver is broken or so the shaving head is covered in lather.

The foil as well as the cleansing fluid feels greasy to touch, and that is clearly a fantastic sign. That is a huge bummer in the event that you planned with the 9290cc using shaving lotion or at the shower.

Upon an in-depth review after buying and using the shaver, I got a couple of hints on the cleaning fluid used for the exterior of this tape, directly beneath the foils.

The shaver will indicate whether it ought to be washed by showing a water droplet on the light emitting diode display. The damage had been nevertheless just observable, without the impacts on the operation and performance of this shaver. The plan is quite much like the Series 5 channel. That is logical considering that both shavers are much the same in proportions and design, though they are varying in performance and price.

I measured a mean of 35dB straight alongside the channel, compared to the normal 24dB space which is reasonable. Nevertheless, makers such as Panasonic and Norelco are more economical and usually last longer. It is in fact an excellent point to have your razor energized, lubricated and ready to use.

The cleansing fluid which is a citrusy scent with only a blend of alcohol additionally leaves the shaving equipment smelling very nice and new.

The channel allegedly assesses the cleanliness condition of the shaver and chooses the proper cleaning manner: short, ordinary or high-intensity. Evidently, this won't be a concern in the event that you will use your own 9290cc dry.

And that I actually suggest that one should try this and also to think about a Panasonic or perhaps even a Norelco should in case you anticipate using shaving gel or cream. Even the Series 7 channel makes use of induction heating, which is the fastest and easiest way; whereas the Series 5 and 3 do not have drying systems, and for that reason they take a longer time to wash the shaver. Even the cleaning channels of Panasonic and Philips-norelco do not have this restriction and can be used without the restrictions.

It is somewhat strange to get a high-value shaver you'd presume. Since shaving lotions may clog the channel, you are going to likely execute some manual washing ahead. The worst part is that you need to wait before the shaver is totally dry before pitching it in the channel.

I cleaned the shaver as well as the channel instantly after a shaving session. In that period, the shaver has been used and put off, and also the cleanup fluid has been applied on the shaver's blade to eliminate dirt clippings and dirt. It's going to be intriguing to observe just exactly how the paint on the shaver fares early enough as it is always in touch with all the alcohol-based fluid.

Furthermore, in the event that you may not use the channel each day, it is really a fantastic idea to remove the cartridge out of the bottom and set the cap back whilst the above-mentioned option will vanish quickly. The channel delivered and did a good shave using the Series 9 which is special for the particular line, being different compared to those who used the Series 3, 7 or 5. But that really is, in my own estimation is the number 1 constraint with this channel and of most of Braun’s channels which are made using wet/dry shavers. There existed a really noticeable, but agreeable boozy, citrusy smell round the channel that lingers on through the duration of the entire procedure. You put on the shaver by pressing the on button at the back, and then only slide the capsule out of the straight trunk until it clicks into position. You're able to find more cleaning cycles from a capsule by simply eliminating the shaving head and then tapping it lightly on the sink to eliminate the majority of hair clippings prior to beginning the automated cleaning. Right above this button, is a decal showing the method that you shouldn't make use of in the channel. I wrote concerning its restriction earlier on a few occasions. However, what Braun fundamentally informs you about is that after having a wet-shave you should wash and dry out the shaver by hand until you're able to utilize the channel. This practice is quite unspoken of, despite the fact that it may perhaps not be completely unspoken of as in case of this Series 7 channel which uses induction heating to the drying cycle. Let us get back to actually utilizing the 9290cc cleansing channel.

And given how complicated shaving can be, you cannot simply tap on it dry with a tissue. Besides the plan and also the method by which the shaver sits inside the channel, all of Braun’s cleaning channels will automatically charge, dry and clean the shaver. Once the cleanup period is completed, the fan in the channel is switched to dry the shaving blade. Since this intensive cleanup style just lasts approximately three minutes, it is not really a huge deal in any way.

There is an important button in the front which starts the drying and cleaning process. The air goes through a slot within the channel and can be steered at the foils. Since the cleanup fluid comprises of alcohol, it is going to dry quickly and the drying cycle required is just less than 40 minutes before the drying is completed, except for its Series 5, 3, 7 and 9 models. The cleaning channel is essential in my own estimation, and the expenses of the cleansing cartridges are also rather fair. The channel did a wonderful job each time that I used it.