Great Ways to Encourage Employee Health in a Franchise

Employees are precious assets of every organization. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to encourage your employees to maintain good health. It can aid in increasing productivity and better teamwork. Also, you will notice a reduction in the number of sick leaves. Ideally, you should craft an effective wellness plan with your staff. If you have a spare space in your office, you can install different fun workout equipment like a yoga ball chair or an indoor workout bicycle. This will promote an energetic attitude in your employees.

Moreover, it would be best if you spare some time to communicate with your staff about adopting some healthy habits in your workplace. If your business has several franchises, then talk about employee wellness with your franchisees as well. Tell them to motivate their employees to maintain good health. This article has compiled some of the great ways to encourage employee health in a franchise.

Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees? Remember, a person’s efficiency gets doubled when their health is sound. So, as a boss, it is your responsibility to help your employees to maintain sound health. It can help you develop amicable relations with your employees. Moreover, they will happily put efforts to work for the betterment of the company. If you are running an educational franchise, it is highly important to encourage your faculty members to maintain sound health.

Go through the following points to know some of the great ways to encourage your employees to maintain health in a franchise:

1. Tell them to eat healthy food

We all know that our health completely depends upon the food we eat. Eating nutritious food can aid in reducing the risk of diseases like cancer and diabetes. Note that an unhealthy diet can reduce the productivity of an employee up to 66%. So, make sure your employees are eating healthy and nutritious food. Here we have given some of the suggestions you can follow in your franchises system: Provide them a fridge so that they can bring healthy lunch from their home, Give them a bowl of fruits for free, Keep a juicer or blender at the workplace, Buy healthy lunch for your staff on weekends, Conduct seminars on how to maintain good health at the workplace.

2. Prohibit smoking at your workplace

Smoking is harmful, and we all this fact. Therefore, it is better to tell your employees to shun smoking as soon as possible. Also, you can forbid your employees from smoking at the workplace. You can ask your employees to consult a doctor to quit smoking. Additionally, encourage your employees to join a quit smoking program.

3. Motivate them to exercise daily

One of the best ways to maintain good health is to exercise daily. It can help you maintain your ideal weight and keeps you active for a whole day. So, how can you encourage your employees to exercise daily? You can offer them membership in a reputable gym. Also, you can provide them with wearable trackers. Install a shower for employees who run or ride to your workplace. Additionally, you can give your employees incentives for buying exercising equipment.

4. Avoid long chair

Sitting for long hours on a chair can give you severe back pain and cervical pain. So, ask your employees to stretch their muscles frequently during working hours. As a boss, you can do the following favors to your employees:

  • Install cycle chairs.
  • Place a standing desk at your workplace.
  • Encourage stand-up meetings.
  • Ask your employees to have lunch away from their desks.

You can allow your employee to take short breaks after a certain period.

Note that sitting for long hours can cause serious heart problems. So, ask your employees not to sit for long hours for long.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption

According to doctors, alcohol consumption can cause severe harm to organs like the liver, kidney, and heart. So, tell your employees to shun the consumption of alcohol. Also, make a policy where it is prohibited to drink and work in the office. Additionally, do not place alcoholic drinks at office parties. If any of your employees are addicted to drinking every day, ask them to consult a doctor. Also, you can make your employees aware of how alcohol can severely affect your health.

6. Improve their mental health

To develop a positive working environment, you need to keep a close check on the mental health of your employees. If any of your employees are dealing with emotional stress, you can talk to them and give solutions. To foster productivity in your employees, you can tell them to meditate every day. Also, you can make some suitable strategies to avoid bullying at your workplace. Additionally, train your managers on some mental health strategies. For sure, it can aid in keeping the mind of your employees calm and poised. So, it would help if you made some beneficial strategies for improving the mental health of your employees.

7. Evaluation of workloads

You need to analyze the amount of work handled by an employee. Make sure your employees are not over-pressurized from work. The pressure of work can make them feel stressed and anxious. So, make sure you are giving attainable targets to your employees. It can help in maintaining coordination and cooperation at your workplace. So, try to evaluate the workload you are giving to your employees. It can work wonders if you are operating a coaching institute franchise. You can easily manage business operations. Also, you’ll be able to achieve the business targets very quickly.


Having healthy employees can help in establishing a positive environment at your workplace. Also, it can enhance the productivity of your employees. Therefore, it is essential to encourage your employees to maintain good health. Don’t forget to maintain your health as well. As a boss, it is important to maintain sound health. Become a role model for your employees. So, try to follow a healthy routine and motivate your employees to do the same.