ISObag meal management review

Isolator Fitness Isobag 3 Meal Management System Review 2021

Do you love home cooked food as much as I do? If I you do then the isobag is the ideal choice for you. This meal management system from the isolator fitness is the best thing for someone who loves home cooked food. Now with the help of this invention, you can enjoy the goodness of home cooked food anywhere. Nutritional rich food can make it so much more easier for you to take proper care of your body and health. You can also reap additional cost benefits of having home cooked food at your office. Let the Isobag make your world healthy again.

The Isobag will make your life easier by giving you the best use of the space you have available. There isn’t just enough space in your for home cooked food in your bag, with all these gadgets and paperwork taking up so much space. All this changes with the Isobag 3.

Iso bag 3

Not Very Space Intensive

The standard Isobag makes it so much more easier to store food. The Isobag comes with built-in containers. The vary in size from medium to small. The bag also has extra space available in which you can purchase and add additional containers. This can up to three to four additional containers.

This, it can be used according to your needs. This meal prep bag can be used to share a meal with colleagues at your office. A very flexible meal management system that can be used according to your needs.

According to the Isolator Fitness company, the Isobag is much more lighter and has more space than the other products out there. This makes Isobag a really good purchase. The bag also has additional pockets, compartments and space to carry utensils, and other additional items.

Does the Bag Work Efficiently?

The best part about Isobag is that it has 2 ice packs which can be reused several times.Isobag can beat the market with one more advantage. It has extensive power system, which means that the ice packs can stay cold for prolonged time periods. According to the manufacturer it can keep the products cool for up to 12 hours.

Apart from the efficiency Isobag is a great option in terms of comfort and portability. It uses only a small space and each pack is accompanied by a padded shoulder strap. This allows the user to carry the product with much more ease. Not only this, the design of the strap is such that the bag can become backpack to relieve back pain.

The containers do not contain BPA which makes them non-toxic to humans and environment friendly. They can withstand high heat, pressure and low temperatures from freezers, dishwashers and microwaves. If in case of any problem related to the packaging or container, the company provides an year long warranty which can be availed anytime till the next year from your date of registration.

Good Quality

Apart from the little air pockets on container, the vivid colours and designing of the container gives Isobag a very professional and artistic look. The striking colours gives it an individual reputation and is selectively preferred by the customers.

However there are very less colour options which discourages many customers from selecting Isobag. But the purple and black combination seems to be the most favourite among the female customers, hence making more satisfied customers.

The most common complaint among all is the small amount of damages which occurs along the time of use. It is thought that this problem may have occurred due to improper stitching quality.

Company tries its best to maintain the product's quality to excellency. However the above complaints are only in a very few quantity and can be certainly ignored. If you are planning to use the product on dàily basis then surely some wear and tear is obvious to occur and hence this is not something which can be considered a problem in the product.

Good Price Range

The Isobag, is a very good purchase if you think about the good amount of space, layout and other benefits it provides for the price. An ideal companion for the needs of most gym goers, the Isobag offers a clear opportunity for people who participate in workouts and want to enjoy meals.

Some customers of the Isobag have found that their bag isn’t the best that they had thought to be. This may include premature rips, some other problems and not a fully functional bag. However, you can easily send for a replacement if the the bag isn’t up to your expectations.


The Isobag can is a well constructed bag that you can gift to anybody you want to. It is a high quality product that performs really well in terms of the storage it provides and the quality of temperature control you get. In short it is a good choice as a bag if you want a high quality product that performs really well.