4ucycling Raincoat Easy Carry Wind Rain Jacket Poncho Coat Outdoor,Black one Size,Updated Version

$39.99 (as of January 13, 2020, 8:03 pm) $13.00

Ultra light-weight rain coat,uniquely design for optimum comfort levels
Synthetically assembled (nylon made) to offer 100% water resistance and wind shielding.Ideal for all seasons,outdoor use rain gears
Hooded design to offer maximal rain protection in wet weather, featuring full drawstrings for extra comfort


-Up to date version rain jacket raincoat ponch is longer than previous for more appropriate,at ease, effective coverage from heavy rain
-Size knowledge,
Chest Perimeter about 53.2″=135cm
Total Duration about 49.21″=125cm
Back Duration about 32.28″=82cm
Hat Duration about 16.ninety three”=43cm

The Simple Lift Packable/Moveable Totally Water-proof Folding Rain Coat is a nylon artificial made rain suit/jacket, uniquely designed for its sturdiness and maximal coverage in wet weather. The coat has a hooded design and lines full drawstrings for additonal comfort. It’s ideal for walking or cycling within the rain. Our tools is tested in real-lifestyles prerequisites and completely tuned to battle the weather of weather.
The coats mild weight approach it is smartly aerated, making it superb for out of doors use all year spherical. The exquisitely engineered nylon exterior wicks the moisture away from the cushy interior extraordinarily successfully.
This makes it absolute best for cycling or any form of outside exercise throughout the rainy season and winter months.
It’s nylon subject material keeps you dry with out overheating, which makes it absolute best for exercising outdoors or riding your motorbike. It is usually intelligently designed to permit minimal house occupation via folding and fitting smartly into its entrance pocket, which makes it nice for travelling. On the other hand, you’ll be able to fold it right into a neat sq. with out it taking up an excessive amount of house.
Whats much more pleasing, is that once unpacking and unrolling the jacket, it does no longer think a raveled or wrinkled form. As well as, the rain coat may be very sturdy, with knowledgeable sewing that permits heavy duty use. If you’re searching for a premium manufactured hooded rain coat at an inexpensive value with absolute best waterproofing, then this nylon sponsored rain jacket is your easiest bet.
Ultra lightweight rain coat,uniquely design for maximum comfort levels
Synthetically assembled (nylon made) to supply one hundred% water resistance and wind defensive.Ideal for all seasons,out of doors use rain gears
Hooded design to supply maximal rain coverage in wet weather, that includes full drawstrings for additonal comfort
Conveniently Moveable and packable in such a lot suitcase sizes, Chest (perimeter) 53.2″, Duration 49.21″ (Back Duration 32.28″+Hat Duration 16.ninety three”)
An adjustable hem, top business-strength, and wear resistant

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