Scientific Ways to Clear Your Mind While Preparing for Government Exams

Do you want to prepare for government exams with a clear mind? Of Course, you do. No doubt, your ultimate goal is to crack the exam. You can pass the exam easily only if you are well prepared. Self-doubt and fear of failure often drain the energy of candidates while preparing for the exam. Therefore, it is essential to overcome negative feelings. There are numerous scientific ways through which you can completely wash out negativity from your mind. One of these methods includes doing exercise and staying fit. You can carry your books and notes to the gym. Dalix bag is the best option for this purpose.

Also, you’ll be able to ingrain an optimistic attitude. Feeling positive can help you focus properly while preparing for the exam. Read this article thoroughly to know some easy ways to clear your mind and feel happy.

Some of the popular exams in India are banking, SSC, UPSC, defense, and railways. Every year lakhs of candidates register for these exams. If you are preparing for SSC CGL 2021, get to know some effective ways to keep yourself light and focused. It is imperative to keep yourself positive while preparing for the exam. Moreover, studying with a clear mind can help you grasp concepts quickly. Note that your mind is a powerful tool. So, put it to work effectively for you.

Here are some proven ways to clear your mind while preparing for government exams:


The first step towards clearing your mind is to unplug. Scrolling over social media will only waste your valuable time. Seeing a lot of information on social media can consume your mind. So, it is essential to eschew social media and focus on yourself. We would suggest you go for a walk in a park. Avoid using your phone while walking. Walk calmly and focus on your thoughts. Let go of negative thoughts and make yourself ready for exam preparation. This way you’ll be able to concentrate properly while studying.

Exercise daily

Daily exercising can help you stay active and happy. Many pieces of research show that people who exercise daily can deal with stress easily. You can easily control your thoughts by exercising regularly. Furthermore, you can relish sound sleep. If you have insomnia, then exercising can help you a lot. So, try to spare at least an hour in the early morning for exercise. It can aid in keeping you healthy physically as well as mentally.

Maintain a journal

​Maintain a journal or diary in which you can write about your emotions and experiences. It can help in organizing your thoughts and provides you with solutions to everything. First, write about thoughts and experiences that disturb you. Afterward, you can write about things you are grateful for. When you express yourself on paper, you feel free and light-minded. So, whenever you feel stressed about anything, take a pen and paper, then start writing about the things that bother you. For sure, you will feel light. As a result, you’ll be able to study for the exam properly.

Experience the power of pause

​Doing one task after another is really exhausting. Thus, it is important to take a pause and relax. So, what about practicing mindfulness? Sitting silently for 2-3 minutes and focusing on your breath can help you clear your mind. Additionally, it can increase your productivity. Don’t think that you need a proper place and time to practice mindfulness. You can easily practice it anywhere and anytime. So, practice mindfulness in the following manner:

  • Always sit/stand with a straight back and your feet on the ground.
  • Place your hands on the sides and relax your shoulders.
  • Close your eyes, focus, and breath. You just need to inhale and exhale slowly. It can calm and clear your mind.

Overcome guilt and anger

Emotions like guilt and anger can drain your energy. Remember, you can’t change the past. But, you can work hard to change your future. For this, you need to focus on the present and put in sincere efforts to prepare for the exam. Are you dealing with people who annoy you or evoke anger in you? A simple solution to this is you can avoid interacting with them. Also, never jump into a conversation with such people.

Watch comedy shows

No doubt, laughter is a medicine for every type of problem. In your free time, you can watch some comedy shows. It is the best way to escape reality and feel happy. We assure you that you’ll feel light. Also, you can easily understand hard concepts easily. It can help you fight stress and anxiety. It is advisable not to watch any emotional drama. Instead, you can choose to watch motivational movies or web series. It can definitely clear your mind, and you’ll feel less distracted while studying for the exam.

Practice self-compassion

Note that no one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes. So, forgive yourself if you make any mistake. Don’t try to be hard on yourself. You won’t be able to study properly with this attitude. However, it doesn’t imply that you are not responsible for your actions. You just need to let go of self-hatred and clear your mind. For instance: If you made mistakes while solving mock tests, try to improve those mistakes instead of feeling about them. Motivate yourself with a pep talk that you can easily improve yourself and perform excellently in the exam.

Ask for help

No doubt, we are capable of solving our problems on our own. But, there are times when we need help. If something bothers you, talk about it with your dearest family member or friend. We can assure you that you’ll feel light after it. The same is the case with exam preparation. If you are unable to prepare for an exam on your own, then seek help from an ideal source. Are you preparing for the SSC CGL exam? If yes, then approach a brilliant institute that can offer SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


You can follow any of the ways above to clear your mind. We hope that it can help you get rid of negative thoughts. Also, it is advisable to fight shy of distractions while preparing for government exams. Falling prey to distraction can fritter your valuable time. So, adhere to your study routine rigidly.