Tips to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle While Preparing for Defence Exams

Valour, fortitude, discipline, and commitment are a few captivating ethos of Indian defense forces. The soldiers of Indian defense forces deter the antagonism with bravery. So, do you want to be a part of these forces and get an opportunity to serve your motherland? If yes, then you need to have good intellect and physical fitness. Note that you need to crack the toilsome written exams along with the SSB interview. To qualify for the SSB interview, you need to channel through various physical efficiency tests. Thus, you can’t overlook your health while preparing for the defense exam. Your body posture is the first thing they notice when you enter for the SSB interview. Hence, it is vital to have a straight posture while you commence your interview. You can purchase one of the best posture correctors from here to help you qualify for your interview. Read this article to know some best tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while preparing for the defense exams.

So, have you started defense exam preparation? For which exam are you preparing? Is it the NDA exam? If yes, then start preparing for the exam with the help of a marvelous institute that provides NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Note that a coaching institute can help you prepare for the written exam perfectly. But, it’s your responsibility to maintain good health. Do you want to know ways to maintain sound health while preparing for the exam? Adhere to the following points to maintain good health. 

Try the following tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle while preparing for defense exams:

1. Hit the gym

You can join the gym to maintain physical fitness while preparing for the defense exams. It can help you maintain your weight. Also, it can keep you active all day. We would advise you to go to the gym at the beginning of the day. Do you know the best part of joining the gym? You’ll get a trainer there who will instruct you to exercise properly. It is advised to spend at least an hour in a gym every day. For sure, you can prepare yourself to face physical efficiency tests by joining a gym.

2. Fight shy of junk food.

We understand it’s really sad when someone forbids you from eating your favorite food items. But, it’s highly important to eat only nutritious food during your preparation. There are chances that you can develop serious stomach problems after eating junk food. So, stick to home-cooked food while preparing for the exam. However, you can have a cheat meal during weekends.

3. Eat a protein-rich diet.

It is essential to eat a protein-rich diet while preparing for the exam. Do you know why? Because protein helps in tissue repair and muscle building. Here is a list of protein-rich food items: Eggs, Chicken, Oats, Greek yogurt, Broccoli, Quinoa, Whey protein supplements, Lentils, and Pumpkin seeds.

You can add the above things to your daily diet. It can help you maintain your ideal weight during the preparation phase. Also, you will feel active all day long. It is advisable to eat food items that are high in carbohydrates or sugar content.

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4. Try to avoid caffeine.

Many candidates fall into the trap of drinking several cups of tea/coffee to keep themselves active for a whole day. Note that drinking 2 cups of coffee/tea is completely fine. But, if you increase your consumption of tea/coffee, it can severely affect your liver. So, instead of consuming caffeinated food items, you can drink eight glasses of water each day. It can help you in staying active for the whole day. Also, water helps in flushing toxins from your body. So, try to avoid drinks that are rich in sugar and caffeine.

5. Learn to manage stress

No doubt, defense exams have a vast syllabus. It is best to keep yourself calm and positive while preparing for the exam. Stress and anxiety can give you severe headaches. Follow the given points to fight exam stress:

  • Make a suitable timetable for yourself and follow it strictly.
  • Give yourself short breaks after studying for certain hours.
  • Practice meditation for 10 minutes at least per day.
  • Listen to some motivational podcasts.
  • Watch inspirational movies or web series.
  • Pay no heed to naysayers.
  • Listen to soothing music in your free time.

Moreover, make sure you are not procrastinating while preparing for the exam. If you do so, then you won’t be able to complete the exam syllabus on time.

6. Eat seasonal fruits as snacks.

Most of the students have the habit of eating snacks during their study hours. So, instead of eating chips and chocolates, you can prefer to eat seasonal fruits. It can aid in improving your health and maintaining your weight. So, chop some seasonal fruits in a bowl and keep them with you. Also, you can choose to drink fresh juice. Never drink canned juice because it contains high levels of sugar. For sure, it can aid in maintaining good health.

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These are some of the top tips you can follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle while preparing for the exam. Moreover, we would advise you to savor quality sleep of at least 8 hours every day. It can aid in boosting the power of your brain and helps you maintain sound health. We hope that this article can help defense aspirants.