Withings Ws 50 Review

Withings WS 50 Review – Smart Body Analyzer

The new model Withings WS 50 Smart Body Analyser will be reviewed in this article. It was tested critically by our experts and the results were marvellous just in a few days. You can use it to measure your progress using any of the previous devices we reviewed like the Proform Treadmill Review.

This article will give buyers a quick look on the details of our Withings WS 50 review and provide  latest price updates.

Withings Body Composition Scale Review

It is just not an average weighing scale. The addition of several features makes it easy to operate and, certainly, a smart device to work with.

You can now keep a record of your weight and measurements on the go. Just connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth (don't forget to download the free app) and track your progress on every step.

This handy feature not only helps you to keep a track of your progress in your exercising/dieting routine but also helps you to keep yourself motivated. So, by knowing the amount of weight/ fat you have lost during your journey you become much more productive.

Body weight can be measured through three different modes in this new model. These are as follows:

  • Pounds

  • Stones

  • Kilograms

Through this machine, you can also estimate your position on the BMI ( Body Mass Index ) and body fat. You just have to provide some extra measurements ( like age and height ) and it will automatically calculate your body fat and BMI.

An unusual feature is the heart rate monitoring system. Now you can see your pulse rate during exercise and when you are resting. The Withings scale heart rate accuracy is moderate.

By analysing these pulse rates you can judge your fitness level. And make sure your pulse rate reaches well enough to melt down those extra fats.

In addition to all the above features one extra feature is that it can analyse the quality of air and measure temperature as well. It checks the level of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) in air and informs you whether you should do your workout or not.

The most awesome thing about the WS 50 smart body analyzer is it's appearance. Shiny glass surface made up of thick and strong glass material not only gives it a high class outlook but also gives it strength to sustain 400 lbs of weight.

To avoid sliding of the machine designers have placed 4 padded feets at the bottom. High quality plastic is used for the bottom body of the machine.

Device requires AAA batteries and requires them to change after eight months but this may vary on the amount of usage. The battery compartment is placed at the bottom. Along with the battery compartment there are some other control options which will be covered further in the article.

At the back of the device we have two buttons. One is for Bluetooth settings and the other one for weight measurement settings. Weight measurement settings can be used to select the unit of measurement from three different options. The options for measurement units are as follows:

  • Kilogram

  • Stone

  • Pound

Although the pound unit is the most preferable from the above options, other users apart from U.S. can easily change the unit system according to their preference.

The machine is supported by both Android and iOS devices now and can be synched with your smart phone. Just turn on the Bluetooth and connect it with the device's app. You can now enjoy the benefits of a smart device.

This app is programmed to provide you all the information about your body and keep a record of your progress along your exercising journey.

Not only this, your data is represented in chart form so that you can know where you need to focus and what weight goals you need to set. Moreover, you can also track your sleeping activity and target pulse rates according to your goals.

The best part about Withings Scale WS 50 is that it can be connected to your fitbit device. The machine will send all the necessary information about your weight to the fitbit device so that you can have a look at your weight progress. The whole process is automatic and user friendly.

Zoom into the charts and graphs and study your progress in more detail. Now, keeping a track of your progress is more easy with Withings WS 50.

You don't have to wait or feed in data keep a track of your progress. Just weigh yourself and all the information will be sent automatically to the device via Bluetooth. The device sends a report to the supporting app once a day to make things easy to handle.

So, this was a detailed Withings body review . It's smart scaling system and smart app makes everything user friendly. Some added features such as temperature, air quality and heart rate measurement lists it as one of the luxury devices in an affordable price. Not only for home use it is best feasible for travelling and on the go customers. In all perspectives it is the best option you can have.