Best Inversion table reviews 2017

Inversion Table Reviews – Best of 2017

Problems in the backbone are always the cause of stress for people all around the globe. Most of the people choose to live with this pain every day as they think that they have no option to heal them besides medications or sometimes, the worse, surgery. But, the advancements in the medical technology have led to the solutions for the people with pain in their back that they had ever before.

Why The Inversion Therapy?

With the wide range of options for the problems of back pain, inversion therapy is the one that is performed on the inversion table. Most of the people are not aware of the inversion table, and they have no idea how they earn the benefit of relieving their pain in the back.

Inversion therapy has been taking place for many years, and it is not a new therapy. The therapy is performed on the persons suffering from the pain in back whether it is upside down or it is the inverted angle as it involves decompression of spine providing relief of back pain.

This therapy is performed upon inversion table that folds straight out as the person having pain lies on a table at the angle that is adjusted, or he may be inverted completely to relieve pressure on the spine and back.

Because of the inversion table, the person experiences the natural pull of gravitational force, which helps in the decompression of the lower parts of the body, particularly the joints and it helps in balancing the body by putting some pressure, and back pain will be relieved completely.

There are the advantages and disadvantages of the inversion table if used for the relief of the back pain. People find it a cheap alternative to visiting the chiropractor every week. Weekly visits to the chiropractor can cost so much at the end of every month, whereas, the use of inversion therapy will only cost for the initial purchase of the inversion table.

Which Type Of Inversion Table?

The inversion tables vary in price as they can be just one hundred dollars and they can be high up to $400, but you will be able to save money by buying your own table.

You will have better options after you have your table. Because of the easy folding, you are easily able to move it or use it in your office or at home and anywhere you need it.

This is easy as compared to the set up of appointments with physical therapy clinics or your doctor when you want to relieve yourself from the back pain. This inversion table provides a natural option to get yourself out of pain for free.

Most of the people find that medication is the only solution to the pain, but as they are introducing the chemicals into the body on a regular basis, it poses harmful risks to health, and the body becomes dependent upon the painkillers, causing more problems rather than the relief of the pain. But the inversion table can provide you with a quick and natural alternative for the relief of pain.

The problems and concerns are also a part of the inversion table. Few people can have some health problems which do not offer a good solution to undergo inversion therapy. Such problems may include glaucoma, high blood pressure and the acid reflux and the people suffering from such problems can’t undergo inversion therapy as it may result in aggravation of these already existing problems.

Additionally, if you passed through a recent hernia or back surgery, then the inversion table is not recommended as it may result in re-injury or aggravation of the problem. Moreover, few people don’t find themselves comfortable at these inversion tables.

If any of you don’t like to be upside down for the large period or you don’t like it the way it feels to you, then it will be very hard for you to undergo the process and you will never feel yourself comfortable with the idea. You must discuss the inversion tables to your physician or doctor before starting the therapy on the regular basis as you should be sure that the therapy you are going to start will suit you completely.

Which Inversion Table Is Best For You?

A large number of tables are available in the market with a large range of price. If you are first time shopping, then it will be confusing for you as what type of table you should select. So, it is best to interpret the reviews about the product, so you will be able to know about its durability, effectiveness, safety along with other factors you want to know. It is being said that there are large number of top sellers with the higher rate, such as:

Ironman Gravity 4000

Being the industry leader, this table offers the top quality and is inconsistent review among top sellers in the market. This table is known for the comfort and effectiveness that it provides along with the safety and support as it is best built.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

Teeter is also the top seller in the industry as it is top rated in today’s market. Best reviews are available for this inversion table because of the high-quality result and design for the relief of back pain.

This inversion table is easy to manage, and it also comes with five year warranty. It features the nodes of acupressure that massage your muscles of the back.

Final Verdict

When you are in the market to get an inversion table, you will go through a large number of options. Consult with a doctor to make sure it is a good option, you can turn to Amazon to find reviews by buyers. By doing this little research, you will be able to find one that suits you and ultimately, you will recover from your back pain forever.

Most of the people who got relief from their back pain with the help of  an inversion table thought it was impossible.