Rock Tape Kinesiology Review

RockTape Kinesiology Tape Review – Best Kinesiology Tape

You've likely seen a growing number of athletes training or acting while still wearing athletic tape in numerous patterns around their bodies. Kinesiology taping first began as an easy means to promote healing from trauma, however, has evolved to be performance-enhancing technique. In this article we will do a RockTape Kinesiology tape review which is one of the best kinesiology tape available on the market. 

About the Founder of RockTape

Greg van den Dries first became fascinated with this taping procedure when he had been coping with his leg accident. During research, he learned the various applications of this tape.

Greg chose to treat this case by founding a corporation, RockTape and simplifying his very own system of hammering, PowerTaping.

What is RockTape?

RockTape is just one of many better-known kinesiology taping brands available on the current marketplace, so they create an array of encouraging strength products. They create an assortment of tapes, that may be properly used for some purposes to supplement your body throughout your practice.

Our Analysis and Experience

We analysed their regular two famous tapes via various evaluations, which comprised: strength, adhesiveness, and also service for agility, strength, and fitness trainers. RockTape can be just actually really a superior kinesiology tape with a larger weave, greater durability and more powerful glue compared to some other kinesiology tapes.

It remains one of the more enhanced aid under the roughest conditions. That makes it well suited for high-performance athletes and also people competing in sports.

Rock Tape supplies the identical therapeutic benefits as routine kinesiology but is also made of premium materials and adhesives versus other rivalling products permitting it to stick to more with less aggravation.

The mechanical working effect of the kinesiology tape is best detected when tapes are used over swollen and bruised spots. Again and again, we've observed dramatic shifts in swelling and inflammation if a kinesiology tape has been fanned across the affected location.

If used regularly the bruise is eliminated, and we've seen stimulating effects on limb oedema after lymphectomies along with other processes which could lead to chronic oedema and swelling. It's probably by decompressing skin as well as the layers of tissue under it, which helps in lymph nodes clean fluid better, leading to those often-dramatic alterations.

The biomechanical lifting activity of this tape can let it increase oxygen delivery to muscles.

RockTape's taping protocols entails implanting entire kinetic chains connected with different movement routines, which enriches muscle stimulation for stronger and effective movement.

Rock-Tape is probably the very complete sports tape available on the marketplace.

It comes in many colours, 2-sided, revealing some therapeutic and performance-enhancing benefits. The Rock Tape is produced out of a 97 per cent and 3% nylon combination, which makes it a tender and elastic feeling tape.

The company promotes their tape being the best option for endurance established athletes as a result of its tender and elastic nature.

I enjoyed the way the tape encouraged my shoulder joint, so it felt super portable and nonrestrictive.

Considering it was a cotton tape, I thought it provided a reasonable quantity of support, as compared to synthetic tapes.

As the tape provided a comfortable, moderate service, I'd experienced one difficulty with the adhesiveness. I discovered that the tape lost a portion of its stick as it spanned joint creases, or if It got increasingly more sweaty. Their site states that the tape gets got the capability to stick for 2-7 days. However, I found mine falling off concerted creases after having a couple of hours of lifting.

Usage Methodology

Unlike conventional kinesiology taping methods/products that isolates joints or muscle groups, RockTape's Power Taping protocol involves applying tape to the full chain of joints, muscles, fascia and nervous system components responsible for particular movement routines.

In comparison, The Front Chain, by way of instance, is responsible for the sprinting motions very essential to so many sports. Power Taping of this front performance mechanism begins on the front of each foot, then running the front of the legs into the buttocks. Another strip runs along the abdominal muscles, and also a last strip is directly put on the muscles over the front of the neck. The tape is applied with the muscle groups at a stretched posture, mimicking the motion connected to the activity.

RockTape, like other kinesiology tapes, uses a biomechanical lifting mechanism to lift your skin off from the tissue and promote blood circulation. This sends more oxygenated blood into the surface, optimising the nutrition of overtaxed muscles, joints, and different body components. Additionally, it accelerates removal of lactic acid in the muscles, promoting healing, and increases the flow of lymphatic fluid, effectively reducing swelling and oedema. Moreover, it interacts using sensory-neural pathways, providing additional stimuli to fatigued or diminished muscles.

When athletes fatigue, they lose form. When shape dissipates, athletes slowdown.

Kinesiology tapes have numerous therapeutic uses, including rehabilitation after injury, oedema control, postural correction, and relief of pregnancy-related issues. Compared to these applications, that focus on therapeutic or corrective actions, RockTape, also a kinesiology tape manufacturer, developed a revolutionary technique named Power Taping which focuses on enhancing athletic performance by taping fascial connections along the kinetic chain. Usually utilised by health practitioners, physical therapists, therapists, and coaches, the Power Taping technique assists in coordination and movement and helps athletes perform closer with their inborn physiological potential.

Power Taping

Power Taping is just really a breakthrough procedure which helps athletes reach peak performance, peak protection of body components, and summit recovery from injuries. This method assists athletes by helping improve shape and reduces fatigue through better flow of blood, which are two of the most critical aspects of increasing performance in just about any sport.


I used a Variety of Rock Sauce and RockTape on my back before a workout. The work involved clean and jerks, which can be taxing on the trunk. Additionally, I taped a chronic shoulder injury.

It is beneficial to have a second person to assist you with taping, as some of the body parts may be tricky to position and tape properly at the same moment. Once I began exercising, I found my lower back warmed up more quickly and was less tight following the workout than is usual. I also experienced less post-workout achiness in my shoulder.

During the workout I completely forgot I was wearing the tape, it melded so seamlessly in my body. It failed to inhibit my moves at all. I discovered that RockTape's standard tape was a good balance between a more supportive fit with a cotton base. This tape may be a very good option for people who want support, and can't utilise a milder synthetic tape due to aggravation.

RockTape's website provides multiple tutorials on the best way to utilise their tape, that was also a bonus to employing their tape. Their losing points, in my experience, has been the adhesiveness within joints. The glue marginally lacked when crossing joints, and could be a concern for athletes needing more aid.

I ripped RockTape's durability during extended periods of time. The tape lost a portion of its adhesiveness on my joints, but everywhere else it hugged the body very well. Their adhesive is sticky enough to hold for prolonged periods of time, yet in certain areas on the body, it lacks.

However, when put next to other cotton established tapes, I presume RockTape does a far better job using durability but lacks in a few areas. Besides, I enjoy that their tape is created for sensitive skinned athletes.

On the other hand, the tape has been more noticeable than any cotton tapes I have tried, so which might be a turn off for a person who would like an unnoticeable tape. Many athletes would rather have a cotton tape, or perhaps a blend like RockTape as it disturbs the skin a little less in contrast to artificial variations.

Certainly one of the main impulses about using RockTape may be the sum of informative material they supply to their website. If you're under consideration about application they provide ample tutorials to help you correctly utilise their products

Not just is RockTape's taping procedure unique, but that their kinesiology tape was developed with an athlete in mind. RockTape is created with a tighter weave and a stronger glue, using a greater than 180% elasticity (more than the conventional 130-150 per cent of competitor kinesiology tapes). RockTape was created for increased versatility than traditional kinesiology and athletic tapes. RockTape calms endurance, activates muscles, provides stronger, more efficient movement of related muscle groups, significantly reduces recovery period.