Teeter Hangups EP-560 Review

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review 2021

The new Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 inversion machine is for sure, one of the top inversion machine you’ll find out there. You can utilize this for both inversion treatment and core exercises. A very renowned option for those looking for a quality inversion table.

Teeter hangs up is an established name in the inversion table biz with a long history starting from the early 80s--and it shows on this inversion table model.

Users of this are relieved to know that this product stems from a reliable business that’s leading in the biz. It also maintains a great fame for providing unparallel quality, high standards and checking, as backed up by many user reviews.

With the launch of EP-560, Teeter shows that they are a trusty name who is fully devoted to quality and that you can help treat pain straight from its source rather than masking the pain and symptoms.

What the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Inversion Table can do for you

By getting a model of this kind, you can help:

-Lessen the intensity of back pain

-Lessen the strain placed on the spine, allowing that way more blood flow

-Boost muscle strength

-Improve your body posture

-Support your back

-Keep fit

-Decrease stress and discomfort levels

Design breakdown

Teeter Hang Ups own some of the top designed and developed inversion tables in the market and their quality controls are fully backed-up and certified

Setting this up

Setting this up is actually a piece of cake. This is because the inversion table is packaged and sent 90% pre-set and comes with a full guide of use. Even though Teeter admits that you need 13 minutes to set the EP-560 up, we find that the average buyer will need around 15-20 minutes to assemble this conversion table from scratch. The process of assembling this includes easily regulating the settings to fit your own size (weight and height measures)

Composition Quality

The Teeter EP-560 model is composed out of heat-processed carbon steel material and bears auto-lock hinges and unique sharpless hinges. For this purpose, it is expected to last long-term (with normal/frequent use).


Teeter ep-560 comes with a guiding DVD. Figuring out how this works is also simple and you only need a few minutes to figure out how you can use it.

For the purpose of showing you how to use the inversion table properly for decompression or core exercises, the item is packed with:

-A covered instruction manual

-A guiding DVD showing you various 10-20 minute workouts for stretching and boosting produced by Dr. Shawn.

This inversion table is ideal for starter, middle, and advanced users.

Ankle Support

For providing more ankle support, the EP-560 bears unique pressure-minimizing ankle locks with a foam layer and a comfort circle.

These are bent to attach easily around your ankles and therefore minimize the strain on your ankles as you overturn.

The Teeter EP-560 will certainly minimize strain and pressure better than competitive brands.


The table fits someone between 4.8 ft and 6.6 inches tall. The highest weight limit tolerated from the machine is 300 pounds.


The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is probably one of the most simple machines one can use--from assembling to folding it up and storing it for future use.

You will see during inversion how easily, sleekly and comfortably this iverts and goes back to its beginning position.

Together with the ductile table that curves with your physique, the EP-560 model enables more air flow to the back. If you compare EP-560 to lying in common foam cushions of competitive inversion tables, there is no comparison.

This implies that you are able to upturn without any fear of something bad happening and thus you can focus on stretching and minimizing your back pain.

This is an advantage you won’t be able to find in other low-cost inversion machines.

Storage Info

Ep-560 can be folded with ease and kept away in less than 30 seconds. Therefore, you can easily keep it in your closet or in your door’s back when you don’t need it.

Due to the fact that EP-560 machine is strongly composed of heavy duty and quality materials, it weighs approx. 67 pounds when folded and store so be cautious when you move this.

There is a Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 that clearly states that safety is a big factor when looking to buy an inversion machine.

Teeter is the only company producing inversion machines that are fully checked and backed-up by UL®, an autonomous certification authority for product safety.

Only Teeter Hang Ups machines comply with the UL 1647 safety standard which ensures primary safety measures and efficiently inspects inversion tables to guarantee strength and durability for true human use. This is why Teeter inversion machines are really a cut above the rest.

Teeter also partners with physicians, engineers, chiropractors, sports athletes and daily users to make improvements and changes to their existing table format and safeguard buyer safety.

When you leave your back and neck in a single machine while turning upside down, you want to feel secure enough to rely on it.

The EP-560 model incorporates engineering factors with a patented Flex technology to produce one of the most famous and used inversion machines out there.

Furthermore, the EP-560 proudly comes with some extra catches:

-A patented ComfortTrak Bed. The bed currently is available with a small flexible head cushion for extra comfort, especially when you are not flip to complete 90 degrees.

This revolutionary ded format can also fit the supplemental Acupressure nodes and Lumbar Bridge Accessories.

To allow a more easy and efficient stretching workout, the adjustable plastic bed layer can curve based on your movements and bears easily reachable integrated Stretch Grips.

-Adaptable strap complex. Teeter adopts a strap complex that is easy, secure, and efficient. The table doesn’t come with a massive amount of pre-arranged angles but the existing ones are more than enough to cover the average user requirements.

Warranty Aspects

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 comes with one of the lengthiest and most lasting warranties. The warranty lasts 5 years covers all machine accessories.

Things to Bear In Mind

By now you are maybe wondering why you should get an Teeter Hangs Up inversion machine and what things should you bear in mind first before making your purchase.

What parameters should you consider first when getting this for you or a family member?

When you compare different brands of inversion machines, independent engineering evaluations have graded this as No.1 across all factors of assessment featuring: ease of use and set-up, capacity and functional tolerance tests, noise trials, general performance and warranty.


-Sent 90% completely preset with accessories

-Simple to set-up, store and fold away

-Comes with a full covered instruction manual and DVD

-Tolerates up to 300 pounds weight and 6.6 inches height

-Comes with a warranty lasting 5 years, one of the longest in the biz.

-Completely evaluated and backed-up by UL 1647 safety standards.


-Not the lightest machines in terms of weight but still solid enough and an ideal combo between strong build quality and mobility

-It doesn’t bear the expanded reach ankle technology adopted on more costly machine models like the EP-960 which may be more convenient for users who are struggling to twist over to reach their knees.

Final verdict

Teeter has been coming up and producing quality inversion machines for more than 30 years. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 model is one of the top developed and quality inversion devices on sale out there and is fully backed up by a long 5-year warranty.