Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Review

I have been utilizing the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbell home fitness systems for my routines for quite a while now, and whilst it required several workouts from my side to getting used to the type of workouts they provide, I can not deny the flexibility that these systems provide.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

I was somewhat skeptical about ordering these dumbbells since I'd heard many people speaking about the difficult plastic counter and dial based settings that gave them trouble, however, I have not had any issues and also the 2-year warranty would pay for the repair or replacement free if something might even happen to your dumbbells.

My sole problem with substituting the dumbbells I was able to utilize with the SelectTech home-gym installation I said previously is that I have found it more difficult to do overhead exercises I could do this with the default dumbbells without even worrying about hitting my head.

Sounds funny, I know, however, before I have been used to the simple fact they're wider than ordinary dumbbells to adapt the exact distance for upto 52 pounds, I struck my head several times.

Frankly I have completely utilized for them after several workouts, now I can't find myself switching back into non-adjustable dumbbells.

The clasp is fantastic, particularly with a fantastic couple of workout gloves, so the construction of the alloy and plastic molding feels hardy.

I actually really do sort of miss out the alloy"clang" noise once they reach, however it's fine that they truly are quieter in such a manner.

The seat makes me desire to sell my own Bowflex Home Gym that is an entire fitness centre since it offers me the flexibility in a space that is lesser than the home gym. Even the Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells supply an entire work out without extra equipment (and off course at a much less expensive price ).

It's the greatest "home gym" for the ones that can't afford or possess space for a home fitness center. But there are a few of things to take under account before buying simply to be certain that these are the best adjustable dumbbells for you personally.

The principal factor is that the weight isn't expandable. The weight variety of 5-52.5 pounds is really going to be pretty much enough for a clear majority of men and women, nevertheless, you need to plan for your long run. If a number of your fitness goals would be always to find yourself a great deal stronger, you then might want to look at looking in Bowflex's higher-weight version, the SelectTech 1090.

I am just guiding you to think about the body fat range issue today, because in the event that you purchase the SelectTech 552's and fundamentally desire more weight in the future, your only option is likely to be to get a totally new group of dumbbells (that may be expensive).

The next consideration is the size. The total size of this SelectTech 552 dumbbell set is larger than some other models that could truly feel a little awesome or embarrassing to people who are accustomed to some customary barbell dimensions. Personally, I do not believe that it's really a huge deal, it only requires a little getting used to. Funny enough, the majority of the reviews cited the very lengthy size just as expected to do.

Not quite all them found the same decision as me that the size was only something to become familiar with and was not a dealbreaker.

I am happy I was not the only person that thought that. On yet another note, a few of the principal complaints you will notice while reading beyond buyer reviews is that the weights rattle just a tiny bit whilst used, due to the plastic parts utilized on the weight pockets and mounts.

These reviews are somewhat extremely obsolete on amazon, of course in the event that you'll consider the date, then you are going to observe those reviews are typical pre-2009. Back in '09, Bowflex upgraded the SelectTech 552's and substituted each of plastic parts with all high-strength alloy, which generated a considerably thinner, wider match between each one the machine's moving parts and expunged the rattling problem. I would only consider to tackle this only if you had some concerns regarding the weights. There are also many other workouts where you can use these like this article from popsugar.


All in all, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 weights really are certainly one of the best collections of adjustable dumbbells I have ever employed. They've a excellent weight scope to work together with, little and precise weight preferences, fine style and structure, but first and foremost, they have been amazingly simple to use by virtue of this SelectTech dial modification system.

In reality, We are really impressed with them and we given the 552's the Title "Best Adjustable Dumbbells for Home Use".

After studying each version, the SelectTech are the best all around group, and it's really no wonder they are the highest-rated ones in the business.

This innovative barbell is really a versatile exercise tool which can help reach your fitness goals. It is only (23.9kilogram ) so as to utilize the particular specific product to its fullest potential, it's essential that you read and grasp the owner's manual prior with the SelectTech® dumbbell. The Bowflex ® SelectTech® b-d 552 dumbbells have been sent fully packaged, with 1 barbell into each box. After carefully removing the barbell out of their own box, you can find a manual to do the few first actions which ought to be required to familiarize you with all the roles/functions of the item, and also to ensure that all characteristics of this dumbell are working as per their own specifications.

The Bowflex ® SelectTech® dumbbell includes a patent-pending fasten made to guarantee proper and total control of the weight as well as to guarantee weight reduction retention through the workout.

It's imperative that you completely understand the use of the mechanism and occasionally examine it to make certain it's correctly working out. No more picking up 30 distinct dumbbells, these adjustable dumbbells replace 1-5 sets of dumbbells!