Total Gym XLS review

Total Gym XLS Review 2021

One of the most important things that people need to understand when buying a home gym is to first research as much as you can about the machine you are going to buy. In this Total Gym XLS review, you will learn the best things about this machine. While it is a very popular product, you still need to first understand what features will be suited for you. Let’s dive in to the review.

Many of you may know this machine by the promotion done by Chuck Noris. Making the Total Gym XLS a very popular option for many buyers. In fact, it has been promoted as one of the most useful product in a gym. However, marketing may twist the facts and make it seem difficult for you to make the buying decision. So, does The Total Gym XLS stand upto its reputation generated by the marketing?

So, we will try to answer all your questions in the best way we can. As experienced users of this Total Gym XLS, we will make the best effort to answer all your questions in this review of Total Gym XLS review.

Some Prominent Features

Well it is really easy to understand the fact that the key features of the Total Gym XLS home gym make it a total winner.


The Total Gym XLS is the best when you consider in terms of the obvious 80 different exercises, this means that you can do exercise 80 different exercises from this home gym equipment alone. One of the most promising ways to inculcate this equipment into your gym is to use it's flexibility of use as a fitness equipment to your advantage. That is why it has become one of the most popular exercise equipment s among Americans.

When you have finished using the equipment, you can easily store the equipment as it is really to store due to its foldability. However, if you have a room for your home gym, you can easily make use of this that extra space to display the equipment. The home gym can be easily stored somewhere behind a door which can be a perfect match for any small home that doesn't have much space.

One I the biggest things that the Total Gym XLS stands apart from is the fact it comes already assembled. This piece of equipment is just as easy to use as in boxing it and start exercising. So, it is just basically plug and play.

While if you purchase other exercise equipments, you severely limit your options when it comes to assembly.

Another versatility that the Total Gym XLS has is it's suitability of use for all ages. In fact, it is suitable for use even if you are a kid or an old age person. However, you need to supervise anyone who is using this equipment and is under the age of 16. This may be necessary because it has many large weight stacks that will be used with the gym.

The price of this home gym is in a very reasonable range. This is why it is often preferred by many buyers.

A good indication for this home gym is the warranty it has. It provides a 6 month warranty on all parts and a lifetime warranty on the actual frame of the machine. While, it is a great piece of equipment, it is also a good thing that the manufacturer is providing a full liability insurance of replacing the frame if it is damaged.

Complete Fitness Program

This gym comes with a complete full body workout program that offers both the exercise benefits and makes it really easy for you to workout with the machine.

The workout is really through in nature guides on the exercises you should do and the length of training for the workout.

The total Gym XLS comes with a complete set of 5 exercise DVD sets and an exercise chart that helps you with planning the meals. A really full range of products indeed in just one product.

While the weight capacity of the is limited to 400lbs, the machine's range makes it a really suitable choice for most home gym buyers.

Some Concerns

One thing about the Total Gym XLS machine is that some users might get annoyed by the fact that this machine is a little heavy. So getting it to your house from the the delivery can be a difficult task for one person.

The Total Gym XLS with its latest model is an improvement upon the previous models of the machine. While it may seem a little pricey for some people, it is definitely worth the money. This is because the machine comes with a lot of other stuff and can be used easily for a full body workout.

However, the machine has seen its price decrease to a significant level since its initial release and will be able to offer the best features found in only some of the premium machines.

Technical Specification for the Total Gym XLS

A nice informed decision that you can take when buying home gym like the the Total Gym XLS is to thoroughly check the technical specs of the machine.

This not only makes it easier to understand the specifications for the machine easier, but helps you understand the capacities of the machine in a better way. You can check the specifications for the Total Gym XLS by clicking the below button.


To conclude the review, we think that the Total Gym XLS is one of the best home gym machines you can buy on the market out there. A nice sturdy and high quality piece of equipment, it supports a good range of exercises for most parts of your body.

While the price of the machine may seem a little bit pricey at first, we think that the value of the machine is a great buy for the price. A complete whole-body's workout machine that will give you the body's shape you desire.