Innova Fitness ITX9600 Review

Innova Fitness ITX9600 Review 2021

If you are interested in getting a full-featured inversion apparatus, this may not be the best option due to the fact that it does not come with work out modules, heat attachment, massage etc. In this short article, we will discuss about the framework, style, layout, safety features, texture, client reviews, as well as key differences between different inversion therapy tables at the Innova Fitness collection. Adjustable equipments are good, since it is used more often (plus it might be utilized by multiple individuals in various manners). Additionally, it comes with a high reselling price in the market. If I decide to resell in the long run, I end up saving more money.

Innova Fitness ITX9600

Two things that you need to take into consideration the most are inversion angle and the ability of the table to be secured at a particular position. Prior to buying any inversion therapy equipment, it is vital that you start looking for the possible drawback to the equipment you intend buying. Although relief from pain at the back, neck region and sometimes headaches could be worth the investment, however, it is wise to learn the pros and cons of the equipment before purchasing

You will observe that the bottom of the dual U frame utilizes a full-width pub design set of this 4-point glider style foundation of previous models. The Innova Fitness ITX9600 is an affordably-priced inversion table with an "Authentic Balance" platform, which makes it easy to reverse.

The total weight that the Innova Fitness ITX9600 can handle gives a very good insight into the total physical strength of the framework for the inversion table. This aspect of Innova inversion tables has been significantly improved since the last iteration of this inversion table, which had an overall capacity of 50 pounds.

You should not be deceived by the purchase price, this Innova Fitness inversion table is a durable device, able to hold up to 300 pounds. It is made out of heavy gauge steel, having the back rest extra wide and long, which makes it seem extra stable and sturdy.

You sure won't have any trouble resting your back and relaxing with this dining table. There has also has been an increase in the array of height preferences in the Innova ITX9600. It currently allow users with a height range of 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in, which is similar to the inversion tables at Iron-Man's best-selling Gravity assortment. The reason for this is because inversion tables work on a well-balanced fulcrum. This basically means that in case you pick the right setting for the height, then you need to have the ability to invert by lifting your arms above your head, and this will certainly be a lot simpler to return back to the vertical posture. While, the Iron-Man Gravity set depended upon a flexible security strap, in the course of the improvement of Innova ITX9300, a security pub was added, upon which it depended. This particular model utilizes a 4-position flexible security pin. If you only desire to lay in an inverted position or perform AB crunches upside down at a workout centre, then you also can spare a whole good deal of cash with this particular specific table whilst not excluding comfort or balance. Some of the main features from the specs for just about almost any inversion table would be its own weight capacity and elevation range. Along with this big cushioned backrest, the gadget incorporates thick foam leg pliers and handle-bars, covered in soft foam. It makes getting in and out of therapy session easy and convenient. While elevation scope isn't something which is put in stone (many clients purchased it with fantastic success being several inches shorter or taller). It also features additional 3-position seat, and that means it's possible to be positioned partially or fully switched.

Total length and non-refundable security grips on both sides of the framework are inserted to assist you to revert to a more erect posture. What tends to make this Innova different is that rather than working with the older school strap for adjusting the equipment, it utilizes an easy and secure system. It is super simple to adjust and promises an accurate inversion angle whenever you use it


Unfortunately, this is not an inversion table that can be folded completely. It however makes it possible that whenever you reduce the back support to the shortest height setting, you get a much smaller footprint. Innova however did a superb job of ensuring that this process is as pain free as possible, giving you all of the tools you'll need to find when installing. Every bit of the instruction is step by step and elaborate, as you have several diagrams in the user manual to work with when coupling. With this, it takes about 45-60 minutes to complete the assembling process, which is similar to that which we've seen on more expensive inversion tables with the likes of Iron-Man along with Teeter Hang Ups. The leg rollers continue to be made with foam also, while the higher priced models are made with molded cushion. In the ITX9600, Innova unites the trunk support element of the earlier ITX9250 and ITX9300 models into its design. This integrates the individual head pillow from the ITX9250, and joins it together with the complete rear cushioning of the ITX9300. This back support padding is plastic coated to greatly enhance durability and lower the risk of tear throughout continual use. Attached also are the bolts, nuts and washers to one bit of cardboard, filled with parts numbers for reference when assembling. With a weight of just 55 pounds , the Innova ITX9600 is much lighter than inversion tables, just like the Iron-Man’s ATIS 4000 (111 lbs), and the Gravity 2000 table (75 pounds ).

In addition, it is an effective means to get insight into the degree of customer support, packaging quality, and also how it compares to some other inversion tables for anyone who wishes to buy equipment which gives more inversion angle.

The caps of the foundation toaster tube can fall off in the event of transporting the table. There is also no locking pin to keep the frame together once folded, which means that you could still need to put it against a wall or put it flat on the floor. It also doesn't allow full 180 degree inversion when compared to some tables (setting extends into 80 degrees, that's the angle of inversion past horizontal). The Inversion table comes with a 1 year warranty. However, when you have countless reviews to browse through, pulling out the special pieces of information may be a time consuming process. This article helps guide you through the choice of your equipment purchase. The tapering breadth towards the thoracic region additionally helps improve stability when inverting, although there is no removable pillow, just as it is obtainable with the Iron Man Gravity 4000. By taking away the tiny locking snare on the side of the frame, you are able to bring the two U-shaped sections together without the need to remove the safety straps or even the protective side covers. Even though inversion sessions are generally fairly short in duration (usually 2-30 minutes), you still expect a certain level of cushioning against the ankle holders and rear aid. The ankle holders and rear aid helps make it much easier to move around once assembled, which is also helped by the degree of ease of folding the frame when not in use. The foam itself is fairly regular at approximately an inch thick, and this is slightly thinner than the 2.5’’ ribbed foam style of the Ironman Gravity 4000, unlike the memory foam that is built to the advanced model, ITX9700. From the event that an individual manual is missing from the box once the equipment arrives, Innova has an extremely responsive customer service department that are able to email a copy of the manual for your requirements. Another of the upgrades on the earlier ITX9300 version is at the ankle. Even though you have the tug pin designed for correcting the settings, the in-ear holders are now ergonomically molded and cushioned with a compact padding. This relieves stiffness and pain on your spine as well as improves posture which is a modification of this inversion angle compared to safety strap layouts. 180 degrees level inversion angle may help to extend the spine to produce tension.

Study frame design:- Quick and effortless assembly is permitted because of clear instructions in the manual. Many customers expressed their quality of life had improved just a quarter hour of inversion therapy every day.

Well packed to prevent damage before delivery

Fantastic customer services.

Folding design is more compact compared to many more costly models.

Quick and reliable height adjustment system:- Just like any piece of fitness equipment, whether it is really a recumbent bike or rowing machine, it is necessary to feel comfortable while you workout.


The ITX9600 can be ordered via, and this represents another substantial advantage to get a relatively large and superb product. That benefit is augmented for those who have Amazon Prime, which makes it possible for buyers to truly save even more money with free two-day delivery. In all, the greatest breakthrough with this inversion table has been that an extensive survey of users deemed it the ideal inversion table of 2018. The combination of pricing, durability and sturdiness, a one year warranty, and a great set of features has made it to be a remarkably common item, and one that deserves attention, particularly for those buying their first inversion table.