Rumble Roller Review

Rumble Roller Review : Deep-Tissue Massage Roller 2021

When it comes to soft tissue work, every competitive athlete knows just how important and effective they are. The use of tools such as a tennis ball, foam rollers or lacrosse balls are ways by which you can introduce some pain to improve the quality of your tissues and muscles. By rolling on any of these tools, we are releasing fascia, improving our muscle quality and mobility, and enhance our overall health. The pain we experience during rolling is well worth it as it helps to increase our performance and prevent any injuries.

If you have exercised with a foam roller before, then you will have experienced a special dimension of pain using it. You will also be able to tell what difference its depth and density makes. Subtle changes to your position during foam rolling will take your experience and the benefits to another level.

The Rumble Roller is one tool that left me with conflicting emotions. It is a great and amazing foam roller and its large spiky knobs showed just how effective it would be. But I also had a sense of the pains I might go through while using it.

The makers of this foam roller stated that they designed the knobs in such a way that while using it, you’ll think they are thumbs and fingers of a massage therapist. And yes, the Rumble Roller does make you feel like you are being worked upon by a massage therapist. The thumbs are at a height good enough for maximum muscle penetration which is in contrast to a typical roller with a flat smooth surface. Such rollers work by pushing on the muscles. But with the Rumble Roller, you’ll enjoy the benefits similar to kneading the tissues. And you won’t even feel as much pain as you might have thought. The pain you will feel will not be too different from that of a regular foam roller.

The length of the knobs of the Rumble Roller also means that you’ll be able to work on the corners of your body and the uneven parts better than you would with other foam rollers. You will be able to effectively work on your muscles while adjusting your position to avoid bones and parts that can easily hurt and cause injuries. Also, by adjusting your body position, you will also be able to target the specific areas you want and regulate the amount of pressure you apply.

The design of the knobs also mean that you’ll be able to work multiple parts of your body at the same time. You can move in different directions on a single muscle part. The knobs are flexible enough to adjust as you roll which makes it easy if you need to increase the intensity of your workout session. This is the reason why the thumbs of the Rumble Roller were compared to the those of a massage therapist.

The Rumble Roller is available in two different colors and density. The first is the blue colored one which retains its original density while the other is black colored and is denser by 36%.

Having tried the blue colored one, I can tell that it felt more intense, but the pain was endurable and it more produced more effective results than regular foam rollers. I won’t be able to fully tell how the black colored roller would feel like as I’ve only had a short and experience with it. But I can tell from this little experience that it is very intense. The information on the Rumble Roller website is that the black one is specifically designed for those who are well experienced and have muscles that won’t respond well to pressure of a normal massage because of their density. The blue colored roller is recommended for both everyone including the average and professional athlete.

You’ll also find two different sizes of the Rumble Roller. One is 12 inches long and the other has a length of 31 inches. I have had some experience using the one of 31 inches and it was long enough to work my full back and my two legs. Its diameter is about 6 inches. The 12 inches version is more compact and with a diameter of 5 inches, they can be easily moved around. There are also other brands that can give you this.

Another impressive feature of the Rumble Rollers is that they are both waterproof and latex free. The use of a foam roller is likely to involve sweat. The Rumble Roller put this into consideration with its protective antimicrobial coating that prevents the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms. Even though my Rumble Roller did emit some gas for some time after I had unboxed it, everything became normal after a week. This seems to be the case for most brand new Rumble Rollers. As the manufacturers stated on their website, the smell of a brand new Rumble Roller is similar to that of a new car. After each use, all you need is soap and water to clean them since they are waterproof.


In conclusion, the Rumble Roller is a class higher than a regular foam roller because of its unique features. It may take you some time to get used to the knobs, but once you get used to them, you will start seeing exceptional results. Their durability and how easy they are to clean is an added advantage compared to other foam rollers. So, if what you are looking for is an upgrade to your current foam roller, then the Rumble Roller is your perfect solution.