Yeti Hooper 2 Review

YETI Hopper Two Review – YETI Cooler bag 2021

The Hopper was designed for experiences where you wish to catch your gear and move. The hopper is created in sizes to fit almost all experiences, whether it is on a crazy river at a kayak or perhaps even a float excursion to distant salmon paths.

With a waterproof and mold resistant insulation on this cooler, the skin on this cooler is made from sterile food-grade material lining. It is even resistant to UV rays and punctures that everybody hates.

YETI Hopper Two

The upgraded design of this Hopper 2 means that your contents move in (and out) more readily. It comes with a watertight dry hide shell and almost indestructible straps which will reduce the chance of misuse. HydroLok Zipper (a layout borrowed from Haz-mat suits) is totally leak proof, eliminating clogs and locking cold.

Dry hide shell is the tough, waterproof fabric that outlines the cooler. It is resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays. You're going to be hard-pressed to puncture this cooler. An experiment of an excursion where the temperature was about 65 degrees or more was used to check the efficiency of the cooler.

Yeti Hooper 2

YETI will not release accurate ice retention precise cooler due to the large number of variables that go into the way the cooler performs.

The Hopper Two comes in 20, 30, and 40-Liter options, an improvement from the original Hopper Flip and Hopper 30.

While not ground breaking, the Hopper 2 improves on an already good design, without a price hike.

Subsequent to the trip, each of the cooler's contents were ice-cold, and despite water pooled up in the ground there was still plenty of ice to keep the beverages cold. The temperature was on an average of 65-degrees for the majority of the two days, and with that one could imagine the cooler lasting for one or two more days using cold contents.

The different grip configuration makes it easy to haul, and also the extra long zipper makes cleaning and use very easy as it opens quite wide.

Yeti Hooper 2 Outdoors

The brand also asserts that the elongated zipper increases insulation. With this release, YETI did not reinvent the wheel, but improved on a refined and operational soft-sided cooler. The brand new sizes and availability will be welcome additions for those in the marketplace for caked coolers.

This version of the YETI Hopper’s soft-sided cooler is definite upgrade to the previous model in terms of its thermal insulation and ease of use. This comes with the same durability that the previous model showcased.

With welded seams, a beefy HydroLok Zipper, also "ColdCell", and insulation familiar from the Hopper Flip 1 and 2 , the upgrades on this particular model are simple but useful.

Although there are always better deals for cheaper options, we are not doing a head-to-head comparison, but we can say exactly what the YETI does.

The added grips on both sides give you more leverage to open the zipper, and the cooler comes with zipper oil for HydroLok Zipper longevity.

The cooler's shoulder bracket and diversity of transporting options would be exactly what impressed me while testing.

The Hopper two's pen shirt places flat from the side, and I would imagine with smaller sizes, just like the 20 liter, all day hauling wouldn't be a burden. It does this using HydroLok Zippers usually made of waders, haz mat suits, and dry suits, which are air tight and quite pricey. If you want a cooler which won't leak when flipped upside down and packed with water, then this is the cooler you want. But you have to pay for it. I think that is fair enough.

A closed-cell rubber foam keeps your drinks cold for days. The Hopper two's insulation is slightly thicker than the past 1.5″ and 75″ insulating material. The new extended zipper is a great improvement on the previous version, allowing much easier access. The springs themselves are very expensive.

But as YETI says, those are "built for the wild. If not abused (taken, stabbed, left in the camp fire ), these can legitimately be the best and last cooler you ever buy. In the event you neglect to include it into your will, it might even be bought over by your children!!!!!