ProForm Treadmill Reviews

Proform Treadmill Review – Full Review with Manual

Proform Treadmill Review – Full Review with Manual
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ProForm treadmills have a reputation of being one of the best in the industry. The brand is the trademark of ICON Health and Fitness company who is a leader in the international gym equipment manufacturing industry. We have reviewed some of the best selling ProForm treadmills out there. Our review will be simillar to our previous review on the best trampoline to buy, but more detailed. While most of the ProForm treadmills have many advanced features like a touchscreen and web browser support, the difference among the machines lies in the type of workout they provide and price they ask. Some of the things we looked for in each of the models we cover in our ProForm Treadmill review include:

Workout : Many of the ProForm machines have in-built workout programs. All the machines can be upgraded with an iFit Coach which supports simulations of workouts with Google Maps, custom workout programs and video workout programs from some of the best trainers in the world

Advanced Features: Some machines feature foldable designs, heart rate monitors, audio speakers, compatibility with iPad and smart phones, fans, interactive training programs and cushioning for lower impact on the foot.

Series: ProForm has different series of treadmills targeted towards different segments of the market. Here we selected the best machines from each series to help you decide which treadmill is right for you

Which Series of ProForm Machines is best for me?

Motors: The ProForm features some of the best motors in treadmill. However the Performance series motors are the lowest in power and with the shortest lives. The Pro series has some of the best motors with a maximum of 4.25 CHP reaching on the Pro 9000 model.

Warranty: A good warranty on the parts and frame of the treadmill. The performance series has the shortest warranties on parts.

Customer Service: While generally good, there have been complaints about the service being slow in terms of repairs.






Editor's Choice

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

3.5 CHP Motor

-3-15% incline

Belt size 22"X60"


Cooling Fan

300 lb Limit

32 Built-in Workouts

Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty 5-Year Parts Warranty, and 2-Year Labor Warranty.


About  $1200

ProForm PFTL99715
Power 995i Exercise

3.0 Mach Z motor

0-15% incline

20"X60" Belt Size


Cooling Fan

350 lb Limit

30 Built-in Workouts

Lifetime Frame & Motor 3-Year Parts, and 1-Year Labor Warranty


About $1000

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

2.0 Mach Z motor

0-10% incline

Belt Size 20"x55"


Cooling Fan

300 lb Limit

32 Built-in Workouts

3-Year Parts, and 1-Year Labor Warranty


About $600

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

Editor's Choice For Best ProForm Treadmill

Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill                             

While the Proform Pro 2000 is the best treadmill from the Proform Brand according to the price and quality of the product they offer, this is also one of the best selling machine in their brand. Here are some of the features that make the Proform Pro the best treadmill for you. This machine is highly efficient and suitable for both walkers and runners.

The machines provides  a lifetime warranty on it's 3.5 CHP motor and upto 5 years of parts warranty that makes it an extremely viable alternative to use.

This machine provides the flexibility to keep your workouts varied so that you won't have to change your fitness plans due to the machine's limited features. This machine not only provides you the the ability to choose the right incline and decline for your for your workouts, the choice of an iFit Coach membership that can mimic actual routes you set on a Google map.

If you want your music during your workout, this machine makes it super easy to add your favourite music to your workouts. Speakers built-in the machine are specifically designed to help you with this. There's also special space provided for your MP3 player and or tablet.

With 32 apps to guide you through your workouts and training, you couldn't wish for anything more. This means that you have through guide to help you through your workouts.

The machine is easy to store and with the shock assist technology, it is as easy as a push of a button to fold the machine into an easy to store vertical position.

The belt on this machine is 60''X22'' which is quite large for a treadmill in this price range.

Inclines/ Decline on the machine ranges from -3% to 15% which are suitable for most workouts.

The 3.5 CHP motor that powers this unit is worthy of appreciation as most machines in this price range don't have such a powerful motor.

The 7'' backlit screen in the Poform 2000 treadmill displays most metrics useful for workouts. These includes mileage, the calories burned, time, speed and heat rate.

With hundreds of 5 star customer reviews, this treadmill is a high quality machine that provides the best features for the price. This makes it our editor's choice.

ProForm Power 995i Exercise Treadmill

The ProForm Power 995i  is a mid-priced model from ProFrom aimed at running. The wide 60'' track and the possibility to exercise at an incline make the $1000 price range totally worth it.

The treadmill comes with a three-year parts warranty, 30 workouts built-in,  a heart rate monitor that is collects data in a wireless way, iFit Coach subscription service and a motor that is very powerful.

It is very easy to setup and assemble. This means that you won't have to hire anyone to assemble the machine or pay any additional charges.

This power series machine comes with thirty workout programs that are built-in it's system. When you choose the workout you want to follow, the machine adjusts automatically to the inclines and speed requirements for the workouts. In addition to these professional workouts, you can use the iFit Live that has many additional features for its users.

Moreover, it features a powerful incline of upto a 15% which makes it easy to relieve pressure on your joints and helps you exercise in a more proper manner. This can result in you developing the right kind of muscle tone and increase your calorie burn rate.

A motor of 3.0 CHP makes the machine suitable for both walking, running or jogging. It runs very smoothly and you can reach speeds of upto 12 mph during your workouts.

The Treadmill features a ProShox  cushioning system that helps reduce the impact it has on your legs during the workouts.

Finally, the 995i power series is fordable and easy to store, it even has a two speaker system which works really well with an iPod and lifetime warranty for the frame and the motor.

A powerful machine with a focus on essentials. It is suitable for most workouts.

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill

For people tight on finances, the ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill is one the best options. For a price in the range of $600, it has some of the most desired features in all treadmills.

This updated model form 2016, provides you a console that supports Blue tooth that lets you use it with any tablet computer with an iFit display.

Like most treadmills from ProForm, this one also has most of the common features of a treadmill. It has a built-in console that can be used to control speed, the 10% incline of the treadmill and the 18 pre-set workouts.

To help with storage the machine is fold able. A 2.25 CHP motor is suitable for most starter workouts and can be used for walking, and jogging.

However, the machine doesn't support a workout fan, and the 55'' track maybe too short for some users. While other machines offer a lifetime warranty on motors, this treadmill only offers a 25 year warranty. Also, some parts have just under a 1-year warranty making it unsuitable for a long-term usage.



These are the best ProForm Treadmills that we think that will cater to most kinds of treadmill buyers. The treadmills we have reviewed include:

ProForm 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

ProForm Performance 400i Treadmill